7 Best Tips from Maria Sharapova of How To Be A Stronger Woman

Russia has been the motherland to a number of great women in the history both in the past and present, namely Valentina Tereshkova – the first woman to ever go into the space, Anna Pavlova – the first ballerina to tour around the world, and many more. Something else that the world notices from Russia is that its women tennis players are amazing; Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, Maria Kirilenko and Elena Dementieva are some of the best of them. In this article, though, the Russian woman we are going to highlight is Sharapova. Why? Because she has gone through three shoulder injuries after winning the first rank in 2005, and yet this year she has completed 800 matches in her entire career. She deserves to be an example, and now we will grab 7 best tips from Maria Sharapova of how to be a stronger woman.

1. Reach for the sky, but keep your feet on the ground

Sharapova says whatever it is you dream to be – dream big of it. Aim high, because this will motivate you to stay productive and do a lot more in your life. However, though, always stay grounded. Remember where you come from. Never forget your root. Sharapova practices this value by working together with UNDP to give scholarships for children from the Chernobyl-affected regions because that’s where her parents come from. Strong women stand for themselves, but stronger women stand for others too.

2. When you go through a difficult time, believe in yourself

It is easy to break down and feel like quitting everything when you fail or go through the dark times in your life while you are trying to go after something you really want. But, Sharapova advices, this is actually the time when you have to believe in yourself the most. Believe that you can get up again and continue the journey. She has all the rights to say so since she has proved it by keep going up and moving forward despite of the injuries she had in the past. Not once, not twice, but three times, and yet she is still playing tennis until today.

3. Keep your confidence alive and create your own path

When you really love and passionate about something, there is usually someone you will look up to. This is where you have to draw the line and keep the person purely as a role model, not someone to live in the shadow of. Everyone has their own potentials, and so do you. Keep doing what you love to sharpen your confidence without comparing yourself to anyone else. You are you and that is why you are special. Pave your own way to get to what you dream of. You can be stronger when you can see all the possibilities that live inside of you; it is the fire that will burn your passion and make your dream happen.

4. Leave the comfort zone

In order to bloom, you have to grow. In order to get stronger, you have to test yourself. If you never leave your nest, you will never learn to fly. That’s another tip from Sharapova. Never fear to try something you have never done before, because only through it you can learn new things and see how far you can improve yourself and get better.

5. Never hesitate to ask for help when you need one

Being a strong woman doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. No man is and island. To own your weaknesses is a way to get stronger. Maybe you hate to trouble people or maybe you want everyone to see you as an independent woman, but please know that asking for a help is not a flaw. It is, in contrary, actually a great way to take care of yourself. Surround yourself with supportive people who are willing to be around when you need them. They will help you get stronger.

6. What you do on the field, do it in everyday life too

Sharapova is known as a strong contender on the tennis court for always keeping her focus, hard work, determination, perseverance and relentlessness while playing. But she doesn’t keep them all only on the court. She applies these points in her daily life too and that is why she is tough both on and off the field. Sharapova says consistency is like a workout for the mind, it keeps you strong mentally.

7. Stay healthy

The body is like the vessel for the soul. The two of them need to support each other for you to be strong.  To try and be healthy is the ultimate way to show yourself some love. Being a tennis player, Maria Sharapova definitely needs to keep herself fit. She shares her daily tips to keep the health on check. First, stay hydrated; Sharapova always drink half a liter of water every morning before her breakfast. As for the breakfast itself, she usually has a glass of green juice and a bowl of chia. You can fix your own choice of healthy menu, of course. Sharapova also loves to try different kinds of excercises to stay on the move every day when she is not playing tennis.

Those were the 7 best tips from Maria Sharapova of how to be a stronger woman. What do you think of them? Have you been actually practicing any of the tips in your daily life? If so, keep it up. Nobody gets stronger overnight because nothing great comes easily or instantly. Hopefully the tips help and give you a light. If you get uplifted just by reading them, that is a good sign. The next step is to go out there and try them out. All the best!

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