The Real Russian Wildlife at Primorye Safari Park in Vladivostok

There are a lot of things you can see and visit in Vladivostok. Other than the famous Golden Horn Bay, there is also a safari park – known as the Seaside or Primorye Safari Park in the city. Children always love going to this type of tourist attraction, so this is definitely a great place for a family trip. Other than admiring the amazing Russian wildlife, there are other things you can do at the park. Let us find out.

The animals and what you can do with them at the park

Until May 2019, there are 70 species of animals protected by the Primorye Safari Park, including Siberian Tiger, European Lynx, Himalayan Bear, Red Wolf, Mandarin Duck, Gray Heron, and many many more. The park helps troubled animals (i.e., orphans, sick, wounded who cannot live in nature) also provides beautiful display of animals of the Primorsky Territory to visitors.

1. Tour through the parks of tiger, deer, leopard, and bear

The perimeter of the first Tiger Park is about 350 meters. The perimeter of the second Tiger Park is 220 meters. The perimeter of the third Tiger Park is 105 meters. The total area of ​​the three tiger parks is one hectare. Four species of tigers (Amur, Taiga, Ussuri and Sherkhan) walk freely on this territory. Visitors are guaranteed to watch tigers from a bridge, without bars or cells like in a zoo.

The deer park of Primorsky Safari Park occupies about 5 hectares of forest. These are 3 Parks (winter, summer and autumn). The ostentatious group of deer is in one park, and two parks always rest to grow plants, and it is beautiful, as in nature. At different times of the year, visitors can admire beautiful tame deer in different territories, with a completely different landscape. Visitors enter the park with a guide, walk along a circular road and see animals in nature. Tame deer go out to people themselves. They can be fed by hand, stroked and photographed nearby. It is forbidden to bring your food to the park, all the food for the animals is provided by the park.

Leopard Park is 150 meters long and about 40 meters wide. A bridge is located around the perimeter of the Leopard Park, from a six-meter height of which you can observe leopards as in nature – without gratings before your eyes. The relief in the Leopard Park is gorgeous: a steep rocky southern slope with a natural refuge-den for breeding with many trees.

The Adult Bear Park is located next to the Leopard Park. Visitors can watch bears from the bridge. The park is built on the southern picturesque slope of the hill. In the lower part of the Park there is a plain with a summer pool for bears, and in the upper part there is a steep slope with stones and powerful beautiful rocks. Two Himalayan bears Chuk and Nastya and two brown bears Misha and Masha live in the Adult Bears Park. All four bears of two species walk in one large park all together every day.

2. Tour through the parks of predatory animals, bird and bird of prey

Twenty-one species of birds live in two large aviaries at the park. White-tailed eagles and some other birds fly over visitors. Troubled and sick birds that cannot live independently in nature, so they are kept in a quarantine for a while. Once recovered, the birds are set free.

The park of predatory animals is a fenced area of ​​the forest where different species are kept together. Visitors can stand nearby to watch the animals. They can be photographed, but not fed and touched. Fidget-Himalayan cubs are very attractive for visitors. The most interesting animals in this park are red wolves; the rarest animals that were once found in the Primorsky Territory, but have disappeared by now from Russia’s fauna.

What makes the Seaside Safari Park unique?

1. They contain and show only animals of the Primorsky Territory. It is interesting and useful for residents and guests of the Primorsky Territory, for pupils of kindergartens and boarding schools, for students of schools and various educational institutions.

2. Seaside Safari Park is a landscape. They show animals on a forest area with a beautiful relief. The Safari Park area, together with the new territory, makes a total of 16 hectares area.

3. Visitors and animals (deer and carnivores) are in the same territory without barriers – without trellises, ditches, glass, etc. Visitors can watch them directly but are always accompanied by guides.

4. Visitors can watch from bridges, without trellises before the eyes, the tigers, leopards, and large Himalayan bears.

5. Safari Park animals can gallop and interact with each other.

6. The Park has tame animals that can be touched, stroked and fed. You can take a picture with them nearby (tame inhabitants: red deer, sika deer, roe deer, wild boars, rabbits).

7. In the Bird Park, white-tailed eagles, buzzards, kite, and owls fly over visitors.

8. A group of red wolves (animals that have disappeared from the fauna of the Primorsky Territory) live in Safari Park.

Things forbidden at the park

  • Enter the park without a guide.
  • Bring animal food and plastic bags to the park.
  • Feed and touch predatory animals.
  • Feed the deer with your own food. Food for ungulates is provided by the guide free of charge during the tour.
  • Go beyond the barriers.
  • Get off the viewing circular road.
  • Leave little children unattended.
  • Teasing animals.
  • Throw foreign objects.
  • Tear and break plants.
  • Bring pets.
  • To drink alcohol.
  • Throw garbage.
  • To smoke.

Those are the things you can do around the huge safari park. It will definitely be a fun experience as long as you follow all the given rules. It is one of the spots in Vladivostok you must visit while travelling to this part of the country.

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