8 Facts of Aeroflot Plane Crash in Moscow on 5 May 2019

Do you know the news about the Aeroflot plane crash?

This is an accident that is still being talked about a lot by people because it happened last Sunday on May 5, 2019. So, do you also know about the facts about the plane accident?

For those of you who do not know the facts about the plane crash, let’s look at the facts of Aeroflot plane crash in Moscow.

A plane crash occurred at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport on Sunday, May 5, 2019. The Aeroflot Flight 1492 aircraft caught fire while making an emergency landing. The plane took off from Sheremetyevo Airport around 6.03 pm local time and was heading to Murmansk.

From the Aeroflot plane accident, there were several facts revealed. Therefore, this article will discuss the facts of the Aeroflot plane crash in Moscow on 5 May 2019.

  • The Cause of The Aeroflot Plane Crash in Moscow

When there was a plane crash, of course people will ask questions about what the cause of the crash. So, it is with Aeroflot plane crash in Moscow. The absence of an official statement from the airline or related parties made people wonder.

There are currently three main reasons that are of particular concern to the investigation team about the cause of the crash. The three reasons are human error, malfunction of equipment in the plane and bad weather factors. The cause of the Aeroflot plane crash will be known through the data contained in the flight recordings.

  • Aeroflot Passengers Blame Bad Weather Conditions and Lightning

According to testimony of the passengers who survived the Aeroflot plane crash, the plane was struck by lightning after takeoff. They assume that this is what caused the Aeroflot plane accident. The Aeroflot plane pilots also sent signals about a malfunction due to bad weather shortly after the plane takeoff. The Aeroflot plane eventually turned back to the airport and made an emergency landing.

Malfunction in the plane due to electrical problems can result in the autopilot system being turned off. This also resulted in changes to the fly-by-wire control system on the aircraft shifting and changing mode.

  • At Least 41 Passengers Died in The Aeroflot Plane Crash

The Aeroflot plane carried 78 people consisting of 73 passengers and 5 crew members. It has been reported that 41 victims were found dead in the Aeroflot plane crash. One person among the victims who died was an Aeroflot flight crew. While six people from all survivors were hospitalized for being injured.

The survivors managed to escape through an emergency slide from the two front doors on the plane when the plane managed to stop on the runway. Many people who think that if the victim died in a plane crash is the passenger who was on the tail of the plane which at that time was burned badly during an emergency landing.

  • Aeroflot Plane Bounced Several Times During an Emergency Landing

Through the amateur videos on social media, the Aeroflot aircraft bounced several times during an emergency landing at the Sheremetyevo airport runway. That could indicate if it is possible that the plane runs too fast when it will make an emergency landing. When the plane had driven on the runway, the Aeroflot aircraft caught fire and black smoke billowed on the tail of the aircraft. The plane’s tail that hit the runway and damage the fuel tank could be the cause of a fire on the Aeroflot plane.

  • Aeroflot Plane in Full Fuel Conditions

When the Aeroflot plane crash occurred, the fuel in the aircraft was in full condition. That will cause the plane to be much heavier than usual. Before making an emergency landing, the plane will usually throw off fuel. But the Aeroflot pilot did not carry out this procedure because of the full fuel. It would be too dangerous to dispose of the fuel which is still full to Moscow.

  • Flight Recorders Have Been Found

When there are plane crashes, both in Russia and around the world, the most important thing to look for is flight recorders. According to the news, flight recorders on the Aeroflot plane have been found. With the discovery of this flight recorders, it will soon be known the facts about what caused this Aeroflot plane to have an emergency landing which caused an accident. Will it suit one of the three reasons that the investigation team temporarily suspected? We can just follow the news from the Aeroflot plane crash.

  • Fire-Fighting Crews at Airports Rated Slow in Emergency Response

There was one shocking thing some people said about this Aeroflot plane accident. It is about the firefighter crew at the airport. The firefighting crew is considered slow to respond to aircraft accidents.

People would assume if the crew of firefighters already on the way when the Aeroflot plane sent an emergency signal. Maybe to “just in case” of all the possibilities that occur. But through recordings on social media, the firefighting crew was not yet on the runway where the Aeroflot plane landed at least one minute after the plane had stopped. The fire outage from the Aeroflot aircraft takes more than one hour.

  • Investigation Team for The Investigation of Aeroflot Plane Crash

The President of Russia has ordered a thorough investigation of the Aeroflot plane crash. The Russian Prime Minister has a special investigation team tasked with investigating the causes of this plane crash. The investigation team is examining a number of possible issues that could have caused the Aeroflot plane crash during the emergency landing. These include pilot qualifications, human error factors, plane damage, bad weather conditions and others.

And maybe there are still some of facts of Aeroflot plane crash in Moscow on 5 May 2019 that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the facts of Aeroflot plane crash in Moscow.

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