Stay Elegant with These 4 Russian Watches

A long time ago, watches were essential tools that intrinsically almost everyone wore. And they did it because it was the one and only way to keep track of time. People could not just pull out their phones and checked what time it was like you all do today, and thus, wearing a watch on a daily basis was essential for living a smooth life.

In today’s era, the reasons people wear watches has significantly changed. For the vast majority of people wear watches as an accessory or a piece of jewelry that complements their styles and appearances. To some extent, the watch is considered to be the only piece of jewelry that men can casually wear without risking coming off as girlish.

Women have many accessories and pieces of jewelry to wear ranging from rings, handbags, bracelets, and many more, but men, of course, struggle more to pull those off. That is why a watch is an accessory that always works for everyone no matter what.

Russian Watches

Russian watches may not be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they plan to purchase top-notch time pieces. Instead, they will immediately think of Swiss brands like Omega and Rolex or even brands like Seiko or Timex. However, Russian brands have been producing watches for decades and some of them even produced before the Second World War.

It is true that Russia has been producing hundreds of thousands of watches, particularly those with historical background imprinted on them. Mostly, they were based on ancient Dueber-Hampden pocket watch designs but Russian people eventually collaborated with some watch companies outside of Russia to further their development.

Watches in general have always been a reflection of the time and place they were produced in and that has always been part of the attraction of vintage watch collecting. However, ancient Russian watches seem even more so to be luxurious and fascinating items consisted of a tumultuous period in Russian history and the repressive regime in which they were produced.

If you are interested in collecting watches to enhance your appearance, you can definitely stay elegant with these 4 Russian watches. Make sure you scroll this article until the end of paragraph.

  1. Sturmanskie Gagarin

Back in the 60s, space race was considered a hot stuff and a lot of Russian watch companies were trying to deliver their products to space on the first mission from NASA. It happened while Gagarin had already finished the first trip around the Earth in a vessel wearing the Sturmanskie Gagarin watch.

Obviously, it is not possible to get the exact watch that Yuri Gagarin wore during that time but you can buy either a similar watch on Amazon or a vintage version from Ebay. There are a few variations of dial color, the layout of the dial, and even the strap available for you but the one I would like to recommend you is the “classic”.

  1. Poljot Aviator

Poljot is one of the oldest Russian watch makers and is dubbed the first Moscow watch factory back in 1927 while Aviator is one of the most famous models that carries the Poljot name and is not so hard to come by. If you are interested in purchasing one of their watches, Ebay is one of the best places to find it. However, their watches are a little more popular so you can also get it on Amazon.

Their watches are all clean looking, definitely aviator style watches that have simple hour markers with an inner ring of 24-hour markers. Some said they look like typical military style watches. The design is also a hand-wound mechanical watch completed with a date window at the 3 o’clock position.

  1. Vostok Amphibian

The divers as well as watch lovers should already know about the watches from Vostok Ampibian. They are deemed iconic watches by unusual watch collectors for a couple of reasons. First, it is because Vostok Amphibian is a lesser-known dive watch from Russia. Second, it is because it is made water-proof. Rather than try to keep the water out, the makers recreated the watch to get more waterproof the more pressure there is.

You can easily order their watches from Vostok America or Amazon. If you want the original vintage version of their watches, you can get it on Ebay though you do not have to bother with that. There is also a special edition available that was used on a popular comedy movie that is also worth checking out.

  1. One Hand Luch

Just as the name suggested, this watch has only one hand and you do not need to worry about it because you can actually read a watch with only one hand though it requires a little more practice.

Luch is based in Belarus, known as the former Soviet-Union country, in the capital of Minsk to be exact. So, technically this watch is not Russian anymore. However, it is still a worthy watch to add into this list.

The dial of this watch is a clean and simple white with smaller minute markers in between the Arabic hour ones. Its function is to help use the long, single hand more accurately. The outset is also a simple stainless steel with a clean black leather band to match and steel crown. You can easily change the band if you want to, but it really does work well as a dress watch straight out of the box.

So, that is a list of Russian watches you may want to check out. You can stay elegant with these 4 Russian watches because all of them are quite eye-catching and unique in a variety of different ways.

Not only you be getting a piece of historical watches but you also get something unusual to boast about to your friends and family. Which one is your favorite? You may also check Russian accessories for men.

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