5 Important Meaning of Eye Contact in Russia

Spontaneously the meaning of eye contact is an event when two people see each other’s eyes at the same time. However, according to linguists, eye contact occurs in the form of nonverbal communication called okulesik and has a great influence in social behavior. This social behavior will determine the meaning of those eye contacts. Basically eye contact and facial expression have an important role in conveying social messages and feelings; people accidentally often pay attention to other people’s eyes to suspect the person’s feelings.

Also with eye contact, one can also see if the other person is paying attention, and whether the other person agrees with the conversation. This is also done by the Russian people. However, there are some things you need to know the intent of the Russian eye contact. This article will discuss about 5 Meaning of eye contact in Russia. More about Russia – Even Numbers and Russian Culture: The Do’s and Don’ts

In some countries have different culture, including perspective. One is the view of eye contact. This is considered reasonable when done by the opposite sex. In russia this eye contact has a meaning. Here are 5 Meanings of eye contact in Russia, such as:

1. Unintentional

It does not close the possibility of looking into the eyes of others, especially women, is the incident of accident. Perhaps most of you have experienced seeing others but whose minds are where. This is the presumption of some people in Russia. In russian culture, If you lock your eyes and quickly, either you or him, turning the other way, he will wonder if you are really looking at him or happen to look around and accidentally look at him.

2. Want to be sexy

Indeed, some women in Russia look attractive and seductive. If your eyes are locked, and you make eye contact more than once, the woman now knows you are also interested. Therefore, she will start thinking and maybe try to get attention by standing a little upright or playing her hair a little to make it look sexy. She is trying to get your attention.

Women basically react when the man gives the action. This is the meaning of eye contact in russia. This condition is seen when you as a man see a woman in russia, then most of them seemed to react for you to give action again. This eye contact is part of the action and reaction.

In other words, eye contact can show relationships built. If you often use eye contact with the other person, you are building a positive relationship. This positive relationship is not just a feeling of love but can be used as a relationship when a leader is talking to his subordinates. To find out if someone likes or is interested in talking to you, then you can be seen from eye contact while speaking.

3. Angry condition

Body language is not limited to hand, hip, and leg movement only. In addition, your eyes are also talking. Therefore, when talking to someone, you must maintain eye contact with the other person. Then you can guess a person’s emotions from his eyes only. Sad, happy, or angry, everything can be read from the expression of the eye. When you appreciate someone in the middle of talking, he will feel the same way to you. Without having to say “thank you”, you can give a genuine appreciation to him.

4. Trust

In addition to seeing a person’s feelings, eye contact plays a major role in building a sense of trust. With you looking into his eyes, he will feel more comfortable and open in communicating. This is when done by communicating verbally then eye contact can be a word “hey, you can believe with me!”. One way to cultivate one’s belief in yourself is a sense of sincerity. When someone knows that you are truly sincere, their trust will increase to you. Most Russians like the truth. The sincerity emanated from the eyes. With eye contact then people will know your sincerity.

5. Respect

Eye contact as non-verbal communication so this is the right way to get respect from someone. For example, when you talk to a boss, a parent, or a friend, you should look into his eyes. This is because eye contact proves that you think that person is important. Respect and respect for yourself will be obtained through what you do. Basically other people will behave to you as you behave to yourself. Therefore, it is very important to increase respect for yourself in order to foster respect from others. For example: when someone is talking you make eye contact. This will make the speaker feel appreciated so that you will be rewarded. Read more: useful tips if you are travelling to russia alone

When someone is giving you advice or telling stories, avoid playing the gadget, and keep your eye contact with the person in question. Because it is a manifestation of respect. If you do otherwise, you will be mistaken for disregard and ignore what is being said. If there is a need to answer important calls on your phone, then ask permission first to the person who is talking to you.

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Such is the article about 5 Meaning of eye contact in russia. You can make references, if someday given a chance to visit to Russia then must understand the meaning of eye contact in russia. Hopefully this article can give you enough information.

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