4 Tips To Learn Russian Language Effectively

Hi! How’s the Russian? Still got it right? But, where’s Will? You took care of it, right? If it is not, then there will be a problem. Yup! The big one! Some researches result that learning new habits needs 21 days at least to make it a new habit. It makes, without a really good will and a powerful motivation, people mostly can never make it. And you know what? Language is one of those habits. That is why, you need to take care of that will to make it always around you to learn Russian in quicker way.

It can be hard and easy. It is hard when you force it. Know what you really want is one thing. It is the basic. It also comes to the Russian language learning. If you can find the best way to get closer to Russian just by your own way, it will be a lot easier. That is why, having a good such motivation is the fist key to have. But, what else after the motivation? Here are the rests of the 4 tips to learn Russian language effectively.

1. Learn the phrases.

You love Russian right? or Is it just one of your goals? Whatever your reasons are, getting closer to Russian is the best way to learn it fast. Whether it is by surrounding yourself with Russian people or technologies. If that is so, conversation is a must. To get it done, basic phrases for greetings are good start. Yup! The basic ones. Learning the words like “My name is…”, which is in Russian is “Menya zavut…” or “Меня зовут…”, or “Hello!”, which is in Russian is “Zdrastvuyte” or Здравствуйте“, is better as the beginning.

2. Learn the alphabet.

Letters are good. Start it with these first. But, wait. You know the rules right? It is the idea that the whole 33 letters of Russian are called the same. It means that the letters will have the same pronunciation wherever it is placed. Sounds easy? The thing is, the forms of it. Russian language has different letter. It is called Cyrillic. It looks different from the English letters. Knowing it at the first place is really great advantage. Buy some Russian alphabet chart and start the learning by following the 4 tips to learn Russian language effectively now!

3. Learn with the context.

“Do you like yablako?”. “Where is your sabaka?”. That is the context. And that is the habit. Building the habit is building the language. Vocabularies are good to start. Do not just memorize it. Do not just sit down in hours to just fill up your head with those bunch of strange alphabets. But, use it. Mix it up with your language. It will be much easier and faster to learn Russian. Some basic words and some basic numbers are the best way to begin. Those early words are the example. “Yablako” is apple in Russian. While, “sabaka” is dog in Russian. Moreover, you can also put some kind of transaltion notes in every material that you are closed with.

4. Learn with cognate.

Have you ever heard of doppelganger? The superhero movies. Marvel or DC? Yep! That is like a twin. It also happens in language. Actually it is not really a twin, but it is much the same. It is called cognate. The words that are built from having few words from another language. Every language has this kind of words. Begin the learning from the words that have almost the same pronunciation with your language is good. In Russian, there are “pianina” and “gitara”. You know the English translation right?

Basic ideas are a must. Language always have basic ideas. From there, you will understand the whole language, gradually. The 4 tips to learn Russian language effectively are just the basic tips. There are still a lot of ways to learn Russian. Just find the one that suits you most. Then, the rests will follow.

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