Being Trendy and Modist By Wearing Russian Scarf

Are you included in people who like to mix and match your clothes? If so, maybe you also mix and match your clothes with a scarf.

In some countries, there are many types of scarves that can be used to make your mode trendier and modist. You certainly can create the scarf into various things so that your appearance is more attractive.

In Russia there are also scarves that you can mix and match with your fashion. Russian scarf which has beautiful motifs and colors will add a trendy and modist your style. If you want to know about the creations of Russian scarves that you can wear, let’s see about being trendy and modist by wearing Russian scarf.

Sometimes many people feel easily bored with the clothes they have. Even though in fact, they have a lot of clothes. An easy way to reduce boredom and still be able to use the old clothes without having to provide new clothing is to do a mix and match the clothes you have.

A clothing trend that exists today sometimes also has become a trend in the past. So, before you decide to buy new clothes, it will be much better if you do a little modification with your old clothes. You can adjust to the current trends. Likewise, with accessories that complement your clothes such as scarves.

Scarves are usually used when the weather is cold. Some even say if the scarf is usually worn by elders and it’s ancient. In fact, not all types of scarves in this world are outdated. Although it has a traditional motif, a scarf can also make your appearance trendier and modist. One of the scarves is a Russian scarf.

A scarf in Russia is called Pavlovo Posad shawl. This is an interesting traditional Russian scarf. In the past, this Russian scarf had lost its appeal and was only used by elders. But now, Russian scarves are starting to become widely known and become a separate trend among young people.

To add to your information about how to stay trendy and modist with Russian scarves, this article will discuss about being trendy and modist by wearing Russian scarf.

  • Using Russian Scarf as Its Original Function

There are many ways you can make a Russian scarf look trendy and modist with the clothes you wear. But the easiest way is to wear the Russian scarf according to its original function. You will still look fashionable even if you don’t do a lot of creations using your scarf.

You can make your Russian scarf like a blazer to cover the upper part of your clothes. Or you can also attach your Russian scarf to your neck to warm your neck when the weather is cold.

  • Changing Russian Scarf into A Turban

If you want to go to a party and feel that there is something wrong with the appearance of your hair, maybe you can use a Russian scarf. How to do it? You must form your Russian scarf into a turban then tie it to your head.

You can arrange your Russian scarf to form a turban then tie it to your hair using pigtails. These pigtails are used so that your hair can roll and the Russian scarf can protect your hair.

  • Using Russian Scarf as A Head Covering

If you have a large Russian scarf, you can use it as your head covering. By doing so, you can mix and match on the clothes you will wear. You can use the head cover using a Russian scarf just to cover your head or it can be a hijab.

All you have to consider is that if you wear it as a hijab, then you have to make sure that it really covers your head, hair and neck. If you wear it as an ordinary head covering, it will protect your hair.

  • Changing the Functions of a Russian Scarf into A Bag Strap

You can also create your Russian scarf as a decoration for your handbag or clutch. It will change your clutch or handbag into a bag that you can put on your shoulders. A beautiful blend of scarf colors will further make your bag look attractive. This Russian scarf you can use as a solution if you are bored with your party bag model.

  • Using Russian Scarf to Become A Belt

Besides being able to use a Russian scarf on your neck or head, you can also use it on your waist as a belt. It will add to your gorgeous party dresses that plain. You can adjust the types and patterns of your Russian scarf with a dress or theme party you want to attend. So, you don’t need to always need a new dress if you want to go to a party.

  • Using Russian Scarf as A Headband and Braiding Ends

Aside from being a turban, you can use Russian scarf as a headdress by adjusting your hairstyle. You can do a combination of Russian scarves with this hairstyle when you want to braid your hair. However, you must pay attention to the length of your Russian scarf with the length of hair you have. Thus, the shape of the hair braid and a scarf will look beautiful and balanced.

  • Changing Russian Scarf into A Bracelet

If you have a short Russian scarf, you can also use it as an accessory. You can change the shape of a long scarf into a bracelet that will make your wrist beautiful. You can adjust the length, pattern and color of your Russian scarf with the dress and your party theme.

And maybe there are still some of being trendy and modist by wearing Russian scarf that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out about being trendy and modist by wearing Russian scarf.

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