Modern Classic Style with Mix and Match Traditional Russian Patterns

Are you people who pay attention to the look of fashion clothes that you wear? Or do you like to mix and match clothes to keep them in fashion?

For those of you who like to follow the existing fashion trends, of course you have to adjust. The number of modes that exist today make most people feel to their former clothes were outdated and not suitable for use in the current mode. Even if they are able to mix and match the clothes they have, you might even make your own mode. Including conducting mix and match clothing that is considered traditional with fashion clothes now.

Likewise, with clothing fashion trends in Russia.

To add information for you regarding trends mix and match fashion, let’s see about the modern classic style with mix and match traditional Russian patterns.

In all countries in the world, there are many patterns used in clothing. Whether for the country’s traditional clothes or the country’s modern clothing. Every country has a unique pattern and in accordance with the customs that exist in that country. In fact, just by looking at patterns in clothes or other handicrafts, people can find out where the pattern came from.

Likewise, with traditional Russian patterns. This pattern is usually found in traditional clothing or handicrafts in Russia in the past. When it comes to traditional patterns, many people think that the pattern is ancient and outdated. In fact, if we want to do mix and match, the existing patterns in the traditional clothes that are owned can be a suitable pattern for modern clothing.

The clothes that you use after you combine traditional patterns and modern clothing fashion will produce a modern classic style theme. Maybe there are some people who are interested in reusing traditional Russian patterns still wondering what kind of patterns can still be used for modern fashion.

To add information to those of you who are curious about traditional Russian patterns, in this article I will discuss about modern classic style with mix and match traditional Russian patterns.

  • Traditional Russian Pattern: Flower Pattern

The floral pattern that is in traditional Russian clothing may be able to mix and match it with the design of your modern clothes. With the selection of bright colors that match your favorite colors, this traditional floral pattern can provide its own beauty in your shirt or dress. If you don’t like the flower pattern with large petals, you can choose a flower pattern with small petals. Both are beautiful flower patterns.

This floral pattern is still included in traditional Russian patterns that are popularly used in this modern era. You should start considering this traditional Russian floral pattern.

  • Traditional Russian Patterns: Embroidery Patterns

In addition to flower patterns, there are also traditional Russian embroidery patterns that are becoming popular as mixed and match material. This pattern will be perfect if you combine it with your party dress. You can put these traditional embroidery patterns at some point in the design of your dress. It will be very beautiful.

This traditional Russian embroidery pattern, you can mix and match with clothes or dresses that have monochrome colors. This will make the dress or gown that you use look elegant even with a simple design.

  • Traditional Russian Patterns: Khokhloma

Khokhloma pattern is a pattern that is typical of Russia. This pattern is usually found in Russian handicrafts. But this is also found in textiles. So, you can combine the Khokhloma pattern with the design of the dress or shirt that you will make according to the theme of the modern classical style.

The Khokhloma pattern has a characteristic golden color pattern without applying real gold. Typical of Khokhloma color other than gold is black and red. The Khokhloma pattern became famous in the late 19th century. Usually this is often combined with floral patterns.

  • Traditional Russian Patterns: Leaf and Fruit Patterns

Patterns related to nature are indeed the right choice if used to make a modern classical style design. In addition to flower patterns, other natural-themed patterns that are popularly used as mixtures and match with modern style designs are leaf patterns and fruit patterns. Both of these patterns will make the design of your gown or dress is becoming increasingly attractive.

Even if you use fruit and leaf patterns on your shirt, it won’t look old-fashioned. This pattern will still display the traditional Russian side because the pattern is not too large.

  • Traditional Russian Patterns: Folk Patterns

Russia has many famous folk tales. Therefore, there is something that makes the characters in folklore become a pattern in traditional clothes in Russia. This pattern can be one of the matching patterns combined with the design of clothes or dresses for children. Many of the children in Russia are certainly familiar with folklore, right?

Besides using folklore figures, this pattern also uses original Russian toy designs. This will add to the impression of uniqueness and excitement of modern classic style design on your clothes or dresses. You should consider using this pattern.

  • Traditional Russian Pattern: Semi-Precious Stone Pattern

If you want to give the impression of elegance and luxury to dress or clothes that you will make with a modern classic style, semi-precious stone patterns can be your choice. By choosing the right type of semi-precious stone, it will add to your beautiful design. This pattern is often used in evening dresses or party dresses. However, you can use this semi-precious stone pattern on your casual look.

The pattern of semi-precious stones that exist in the traditional pattern of Russian has never lost its charm and started to become popular among the people. By applying this theme, you will add a Russian feel to your shirt or dress.

I hope this article can really help you to find out the modern classic style with mix and match traditional Russian patterns.

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