The List of Russian Verbs of Motion

There are some differences between Russian language and other languages. For example, in Russian language there is a group of verbs that show motion. Yup, the verbs of motion are categorized in one group. Okay, let’s start the lesson about the verbs. Here are some lists of Russian verbs of motion, regular and irregular verbs. The explanation about regular and irregular verbs is in this article: Conjugation in Russian Language

Irregular Verbs Regular Verbs The Meaning in English
Идти Ходить Go/Walk
Ехать Ездить Go/Ride/Drive
Бежать Бегать Run
Плыть Плавать Swim
Лететь Летать Fly
Брести Бродить Plod
Ползти Ползать Crawl
Лезть Лазить Thrust
Нести Носить Bring/Carry
Катить Катать Trundle

Examples in Sentences:

  • Я иду в школу.
    (Ya idu ve shkolu)
    I am going (on foot) to school
  • Каждый день она ходит в библиотеку.
    (Kazhdyi dyen ona khodit ve bibioteku)
    She goes (on foot) to the library every day
  • Анна ехала в Казан назад месяц.
    (Anna yekhala ve Kazan nazad mesyats)
    Anna drovе to Kazan last month
  • Игорь ездил в университет.
    (Igor ezdil ve universitet)
    Igor went to university
  • Мы будем плыть завтра.
    (My budyem plyts zavtra)
    We will go to swim tomorrow.’
  • Они будут бегать трусцой каждое воскресенье.
    (Onyi budut begat’ trustsoi kazhdoe voskresenye)
    They will be jogging every Sunday.

There are differences in using irregular verbs and regular verbs in motion verbs:

  1. Regular verbs. The motion verbs are used when the subject wants to tell about an activity that is done in repetition, and more than one direction. Example : Я хожу в рынок. – I go to the market. (It means, you have went to the market. You go there, then you come back. Two directions)
  2. Irregular verbs. The motion verbs are used when the subject wants to express an activity that is done in one direction. Example: Я иду в рынок. – I am going to the market. (It means, you go the market. But, it is not certain whether you will come back or not. One direction)

Those are some examples of motion Russian verbs. And, there are so many other Russian verbs of motion. You could try to search for them in other sources like book. Keep learning and memorizing the verbs of motion.

For you guys, that is curious with other kind of verbs, you could read these articles: The Imperfective Aspect of Russian Verb and The Perfective Aspect of Russian Verb. Enjoy your learning and have fun with Russian!

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