Relative Pronouns in Russian Language

We had talked about another type of pronoun in Russian language in the previous lesson. It was called Interrogative Pronouns in Russian Language. For now, we will talk about the next type of pronouns. It is Relative Pronouns. This type has the same pronouns like interrogative pronouns, such as: Кто ‘who, which’, Что ‘what, as, […]

Interrogative Pronouns in Russian Language

There are nine types of pronouns in Russian language. One of them is interrogative pronouns. When giving questions, we use interrogative pronouns to ask: Кто ‘who’, Что ‘what’, Чей ‘whose’, Какой ‘which’, Который ‘that (pronoun used to indicate a specific person or thing)’, and Сколько ‘how many’. Interrogative Pronouns I. When giving questions about persons […]