Russian Phone Keyboard? Download These 7 Android Apps

Smartphone has become more and more handy these days. It can help people to get so many things done more effectively and in more organized manners. In the old days, people use phone only to talk to each other, but now they can easily send text messages or e-mail through the smartphone. However, the default keyboard is usually in English. For you who need to install other languages into the keyboard, some adjustments on the setting should be done. If you are looking for reliable Russian keyboard apps for your Android phones, here are our 7 recommendations:

But, before that…

You have to be really careful when installing keyboards into your phone because they are very risky and sensitive apps. Keyboards can pick up words you type in and remember them including passwords. If you are a type of person who never bothers reading term and conditions or privacy policy points, then try and choose keyboard apps with good feed-backs or high rate. Do your research, because you wouldn’t want to regret later knowing you have given shady keyboard apps the access to your personal information.

The best Android Russian keyboard apps

1. Gboard

This is definitely one among the top Android keyboards on Play Store. It is kind of obvious because when you buy an Android phone, this keyboard is already installed. It is also undoubtedly safe because it gets constant updates and fixings from Google to avoid bugs leaking personal information. The initial set of keyboard is already loaded with many languages including Russian. You only need to go to the setting and change the language to start using the Cyrillic version. With this keyboard you can also do:

  • Glide typing; moving finger around letters to type the word in
  • Voice typing
  • Handwriting
  • Search and share; by using the Google button on top of the keyboard
  • Google translate

Pretty neat and convenient for a generic keyboard you get for free together with your phone, right?

2. Russian Keyboard

Now this one is different from Gboard as it is specifically built for Cyrillic and Russian language. It is user friendly with nice themes you can change as many times as your mood changes. This keyboard is also armed with dictionary, spell checker, and word prediction to make typing easier especially for them who are still learning Russian. No hassle in installing it and you can switch English and Russian back and forth.

3. Easy Cyrillic

This one is unique because if you prefer to type in Latin, then this keyboard would let you be at ease. It will convert the Latin letters to phonetic Cyrillic which makes it easier for foreigners who are more familiar with the way some words or phrases sound but not their written forms. It gets good rating from users which makes it put on the safe shelf. However, keep asking around for more information about this app if you feel unsure.

4. AnySoftKeyboard

If you lean more into the practical side rather than the decoration, then this keyboard would be great for you. The formation can be adjusted with your habit of typing; one hand, two hands, QWERTY or else. The whole board can be put to the left or right side of the screen to make it easier for you to type with one hand, or split into two for two-thumb access. Like Gboard, it comes with many languages including Russian. The themes are not that great, though, but as a productivity tool: it wins.

5. SwiftKey

It is one of the most popular keyboard apps on Play Store. It has been around for so long and bought by Microsoft in 2016. It is safe, smart, allows swiping for a quicker typing as well as copy and paste from the clipboard. It doesn’t support as many languages as Gboard, but Russian is one of many that it offers. So you are good with this keyboard. Easy to install and use, no need some getting-used-to when you decide to switch from Gboard as it would feel quite familiar with nice user interface.

6. Flesky

If you are concerned about privacy, then this is the right keyboard for you. Just like how browser would let you switch from regular tabs to private tabs, so does Flesky. It will give you an option to go private when you want to type in information, notes, or anything at all that you consider personal and don’t want the keyboard to save or record the words or sentences from. It is also very fast, which is an important feature a keyboard should have when you are quite a fast writer who needs to see the letters appear on the screen as instant as you punch them in. Russian is definitely supported by Flesky with prediction and spell checker. It is said to be one of the most intuitive keyboard apps that will definitely help you to type faster and make writing more effective. No time will be wasted with this keyboard.

7. Ginger

This is a fun keyboard you can play around with. Suitable for chatting and social media use. The general settings are similar to other keyboards mentioned above, but it offers the users a break when they feel tired of writing by letting them play several games on board. This is definitely refreshing and unique compared to the other keyboard apps. It supports around 50 languages including Russian.

Now you know the 7 best keyboard apps you can use and install on your Android phone. Don’t forget to make sure you understand all the access you grant for each of them to keep your data safe and sound.

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