4 Fancy Things You Can Do at Night Only in Sochi

For some, night is a time to rest, for others, when the sun goes down, energy begins to beat. If you belong to the second category, then it’s time to find out the best ways to have fun and spend time to the fullest. It turns out that life is boiling at night in Sochi. Here are 4 fancy things you can do around the city if you love long nights.

1. Dance and enjoy the music

There are a lot of good nightclubs in Sochi with various themes and features. Most of them have great bars, huge dance floors, and karaoke. People go to Sochi mostly to enjoy this clubbing experience and you should try, too – if it is your kind of thing. Try and visit the Triangle Rock Bar, this is one of the places with the most original atmosphere in Adler and one of the cult places for several generations of local music lovers. The Triangle rock bar combines the features of a casual establishment, characterized by a certain share of rocker brutality, with a menu that is not inferior to a restaurant.

2. Fine dine

Sure, this is common and can be done in any big cities in Russia. But, in Sochi, there are more diner and eating places such as cafe and bar that open all night through. So, you can have a long walk exploring the city at night and don’t have to worry about finding a place to rest at the end of it. Restaurants in Sochi offer all kinds of menu from Japanese to authentic Russian. There are casual dining places to the ones on the rooftop where you can dine under the stars with the finest silver and all. Your choice.

3. Watch movies

This would be perfect for a romantic date, but great for just about everyone too. City-Stars Olympus Cinema is a recommended place in Sochi to watch movies. It has great selections of the latest world-class films as well as local’s. The cinema has a fancy lounge with big cozy sofas, five theaters equipped with advanced sound and projection equipment. This is definitely a place to try for movie lovers when they are in Sochi.

4. See the city from a height

Of all the mountains located in the Sochi region, Akhun is the most popular among travelers. Its height reaches 663 meters. From this peak you will be offered a stunning view, which can be enjoy by visiting a special observation deck. A tower thirty meters high was built on the highest point of Mount Akhun in 1936. An 11-kilometer highway leads to the top of the mountain. You can get there by sightseeing transport or by taxi.

The ridge of Mount Akhun extends five kilometers parallel to the seashore. On the slopes of the mountain more than 30 caves were discovered. The largest has a corresponding name – Bolshaya Akhunskaya, its depth is 384 meters. The famous Yew-boxwood grove adjoins the southeastern slope, which is a monument of ancient nature. From the observation deck, a picturesque view of the whole of Sochi and its surroundings, the Black Sea, mountains, dazzling white in the winter, emerald in the summer, and gleaming with lights at night. Here you can also admire the Eagle Rocks, Akhtsu Gorge, the gray peaks of the Caucasus Range and its spurs. Not far from the tower on the crest of the mountain is an unusual building, which houses a restaurant. The southern slopes of Mount Akhun are overgrown with oak, Colchis and oak-hornbeam forests. More specifically, limestone, Armenian, Iberian and Caucasian hornbeam grows here. You can also find maple, chestnut, ash, linden and many vines.

There are definitely a lot you can do around Sochi at night. And considering it is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Russia, letting the night pass without doing anything while you’re there will definitely be a shame. Go out and explore the city after dawn to have the holiday experience to the fullest. After all, there are fancy things you can do only in Sochi. So, try them out!

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