5 Popular Russian Products for Natural Hair Care

russian hair care5 Popular Russian products for natural hair care

Recently, Russian people do care about outer appearance. From head to toe, they would pay much attention to every detail of it. The treatment includes from hair care products, hand and body special products based on every skin type until the manicure and pedicure. This has made the beauty industry tried to improve and provides best products to fulfill the market demands with concern more on nature.

One of the important part in someone’s appearance especially for women that needs special treatment is hair care, since nowadays everyone realizes that hair is a reflection of their wealth, the symbol of someone precious crown.

So they are really careful in choosing the right products. It relates with the quality of products, the ingredients used and the compatibility with their hair type. Most importantly that the products should be based on natural ingredients, since Russian still believe in their grandparent’s secret way to keep natural beauty with ingredients served by nature.

In this article, you can find the list of popular Russian products for natural hair care, in which are varying from shampoos, masks, vitamins, balm and conditioner, oil and tincture and hair color. It is all safe, nature based and very recommended for you who care about keeping natural beauty of your hair.

1. Sea Buckthorn Moisturizing Hair Mask (Natura Siberica)

Belong to Natura Siberica brand, which is well known for its natural ingredients from Siberian herbs and other Russian plants. This product is made from Altai sea bucktorn oil, Moroccan argan oil and white Siberian flax seed oil, cedar oil, wild Siberian hops and silk proteins.

Rich with natural ingredients, this hair mask functions as hair nourishing, to restore its health and beauty. Besides the keratin also makes your hair strength and shine, then the most important that the silk proteins keep the moisture of your hair. It also can regenerate your hair. A complete treatment you can get in this one product. Based on the review achievement, the user give lots review and recommend this. You can find at the online marketplace or offline store at mall.

2. Shampoo Hair Growth Promoting with Beluga for Men (Natura Siberica)

Dedicated to men who has problem with thin hair, slowly growth hair, don’t worry. Natura Siberica has provided with its magic products especially for men. This hair care products contains unique ingredient that is an extract of beluga caviar in which contains protein, vitamins and omega 3.  The ingredients is believed to stimulates faster hair growth, strengthens roots of your hair, also give nutrition along with the hair moisturizing.

The Russian men have tried and dare to give guarantee about the shampoo, since they prove by themselves that the hair becomes thicker after two months of usage. And it’s become popular products now.

3. Hair Balm “Volume & Care” for All Hair Types (Natura Siberica)

Formulated with Arctic Pine and Lungwort, this hair balm is based from natural ingredients. This is made from the addition of minimum artificial chemical ingredients, which is safe for your types of hair.

The hair balsam also contains amino acids which is very useful to restores damaged hair. This hair product is focused on giving more hair volume and natural splendour, so it can make you feel confident with volume and healthy hair. Besides, the proteins contains inside can be apply for any kinds of hair type. So don’t be afraid, all of your hair problems would definitely be solved.

4. Argana Hair Oil “Weak Hair & Split Ends Treatment” (EO Laboratorie)

Argan oil is a well-known product originally from Morocco. It has been a premium ingredient in beauty products, including for skin treatment and hair treatment. Well, in case for the hair treatment, argan oil also contains many advantages.

This became the reason of EO Laboratorie to create magic formula containing Argana oil. The name is Argana Hair Oil “Weak hair and split ends treatment”. Based on the name, we can conclude that this product will be the answer of your weak and split ends hair.

The argan oil is useful to protect the hair from the damage, then it can moisturizes and nourishes the hair, restores their structure, making the hair stronger, shiny and manageable. Another ingredient is organic olive oil which helps to strengthen and accelerate hair growth, restores damaged and split ends, prevents dandruff, deeply moisturizes and gives natural shine to hair. While the last but not least, this also contains organic almond oil which focus to stimulate hair growth, nourishes, increases elasticity and shine.

5. Indian Hair Strengthening Colorless Henna (Fito cosmetics)

Interested to change your hair look without really change the color? Then this Russian product will help you. Comes from Fito cosmetics brand, this hair care treatment is formulated from plants of lawsonia, named Indian Hair Strenghtening Colorless Henna. Why this became popular?

One of the main advantages of colorless henna is the ability to strengthen roots part of hair, restore the healthy hair, and thicken the hair. Magically, the hair becomes denser, vibrant and looks shiny.

Second advantages are the effectiveness of colorless henna to smooth the hair, and it makes split ends recover, no more brittle and damaged hair. Another last advantages but also important of colorless henna is the ability to prevent hair from hair lost until you can really feel the hair loss totally stop. Besides, it would stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, therefore it can awake dormant hair follicles and the new hair regeneration will grow.

The use instructions are: first dissolve the powder in boiling water. Second, make sure you have got the right consistency, then apply it to the hair, thoroughly rubbing into the scalp and roots while massage it, after that distribute it evenly over the entire hair length. Cover your head with plastic wrap and a towel for 30 minutes. Wash until clean.

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