4 Tasty Russian Foods Gross You Need To Taste

4 tasty russian foods gross you need to tasteEveryone must love delicious food. However, everyone must have different tastes about food. Despite having different tastes, we always want to taste the taste of food from other regions. We really want to know how the food tastes and what the difference is with food in our area. Each region certainly has a special food that is the pride of the country. And a lot of food is an icon of his country. Like spaghetti in Italy, burgers in America, sushi in Japan, and shashlik in Russia.

One country that has a lot of delicious food is Russia. Even Russian food is sold in other countries’ restaurants. It’s just processed again to fit the tongue of the people in the country. For those of you who want to visit Russia, you must taste typical Russian foods.

Whatever type of food you are looking for, Russia has it, ranging from soups, cookies, steaks, sweets, and much more. And the Russian people still maintain the taste of their typical food. If you want to taste Russian regional food, you can find it at street vendors and restaurants.

Russian food is dominated by bread and soup. However, you can also find noodles, meat and processed fish in Russia. In addition, typical Russian food also has high nutrition, not only delicious taste. So you don’t need to worry about your health when eating Russian food. In this article, we will recommend some delicious Russian food that you should taste when visiting this historic country. Here are 4 tasty Russian gross foods you need to taste.

1. Shashlik

For you meat lovers, shashlik will definitely be the food you like. This typical Russian food is also very easy to find on Russian streets and Russian restaurants. Shashlik is a skewer baked on a grill called mangal. This skewer is stabbed with iron puncture. The meat used to make shashlik is very diverse. Sometimes they use beef, goat, pork or chicken. Shashlik is usually eaten along with pomegranate sauce. Pomegranate sauce is perfect for a shashlik couple. Pomegranate sauce that is very typical and delicious can only be found in Russia, of course.

Shashlik is a food that you can make as a lunch or snack menu. This typical Russian skewer has a savory and sweet taste, and is perfect for eating when winter comes. You can easily find Shashlik. Almost all Russian restaurants serve shashlik in their menu list. To get a cheaper price, you can find shashlik on the Russian roadside. Lots of street vendors who sell shashlik. And of course the taste is no less delicious than in a restaurant.

2. Pelmeni

If you want to feel typical Russian dumpling, the pelmeni is the most appropriate answer. The pelmeni is a dumpling wrapped in a thin dough without yeast. Pelmeni dough is made from wheat flour mixed with water, sometimes added with a little egg. Its contents can be ground meat of pork, lamb, beef, or other, fish, mushrooms, or a mixture of various types of meat. Udmurtia traditional pelmeni must contain a mixture of 45% beef, 35% lamb meat, and 20% pork. Some types of spices, such as black pepper, onion, and garlic, are immediately mixed into the contents. Pelmeni can be directly eaten or served with broth.

This Russian dumpling is very tasty and popular. Pelmeni is one of the street foods that tourists and locals like Russia are very fond of. This delicious dumpling is perfect for your snack or breakfast menu. It will be more delicious if you eat it with broth. Pelmeni is perfect for eating when winter comes. You can also find Pelmeni very easily. Making a pelmeni is also quite easy. You can try it at home and ask for recipes from neighbors or look for recipes in books or the internet. This must be very exciting.

3. Ukha

Ukha is one of the best Russian soups. Ukha is a fish soup with clear broth. Ukha is made from very fresh freshwater fish. Freshwater fish are used such as catfish, northern spears, or ruffe. Ukha also contains vegetables such as parsley root, leeks, potatoes, bay leaves, dill, tarragon, and green parsley. Many say the delicious taste of ukha will decrease if you use sea fish. However, ukha is now more popular with salmon and cod. Salmon and cod make ukha more fresh and classy. The tourists say that ukha is the best typical Russian food.

In addition, parsley and spices make a very distinctive fragrant smell. The taste of ukha is very tasty, so it is suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And of course, ukha is a very healthy soup. Russian Muslims also often make ukha as a meal to break their fast. Ukha is the best choice for Russian people when winter arrives. Fragrant and warm gravy from ukha will beat the very cold weather. If you are interested, you can find it easily in restaurants around Russia.

4. Stroganoff

Stroganoff is sauteed diced beef, then doused with mustard sauce and meat broth prepared in advance. After that, given a spread of sour cream on top, without mushrooms and without onions. Stroganoff is very popular in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, the United States, Sweden and Japan. In Hong Kong, Stroganoff is combined with rice but without sour cream. Brazil also prepares Stroganoff with chicken or even shrimp, not beef.

This stir-fried meat has a very fragrant smell and a very distinctive taste. Tourists really like the taste of the stroganoff, so this russian dish is very popular up to America. Stroganoff is perfect for making your lunch menu. You can add rice or pasta. Stroganoff is also very easy to find in Russian restaurants. Because this food is very popular.

Russian food is always loved by tourists and always makes tourists miss Russia. In addition, typical Russian food is also very easy to find in restaurants and city roadside stalls. Because the Russian people still maintain the quality and existence of their typical food. 4 Russian foods above will make you even more in love with this country full of history. Those are 4 tasty russian gross foods you need to taste.

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