Foreigner’s Guide to St. Petersburg Nightlife

St. Petersburg is one of those cities that are worth to be explored not only during the day, but also at night. It is believed that Peter Day and Peter Night look completely different, so once in this city, be sure to set aside at least one night for a completely different acquaintance with it. So, where to go at night in St. Petersburg and what to see? Nightlife is not always about clubbing and partying. Here’s a compact guide for you foreigners who are about to go to this second capital of Russia.

Golitsyn Yard

This is a unique space located in the city center, which combines 5 ancient buildings, in one of which the Turgenev brothers lived at one time. You can get to the mansion absolutely for free. There is a street bar right on the street where you can have a tasty snack. But this is not the only place with food in the Golitsyn Yard – there are a lot of cafes and coffee houses, bars and restaurants in it. Each of them has its own zest and does not look like other places in the city. In the evening, creative groups perform here, and parties are held.

You can also find here:

  • beauty salons
  • tattoo studio
  • art sites
  • showrooms
  • leisure centers
  • shops and hostels with affordable prices


This special restaurant is one of the best places with stunning views of the city. It is located on the top floor of the Quattro Corti business center overlooking St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the central part of the city. Thanks to its good location, the restaurant is very easy to reach. The interior in the Attic is sophisticated, concise and, at the same time, incredibly cozy. When decorating the premises, oak and teak were used, and dishes and cutlery were simply the height of elegance. The indisputable advantage of the Attic is the location of tables in the main hall of the restaurant.

Floor 41 Restaurant

Another restaurant with great view is Floor 41 which is located in the highest business center of Leader Tower at Constitution Square, 3/2. Located at an altitude of almost 150 meters, it gives a circular view of the city: you can see the Gulf of Finland, the airport, and many attractions of St. Petersburg. Many restaurant guests appreciate the rich entertainment program and live music. However, if you want to get a table by the window, it is better to book it in advance.

Sky Bar at the Azimut Hotel

If you still want to see a bird’s eye view of the central part of the city, you can choose the Sky Bar Lounge. Located at an altitude of almost 70 meters, it provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy stunning views of all the main attractions of St. Petersburg through panoramic windows. On weekends, you can listen to live music or a DJ.

Nevsky Avenue

Be sure to walk at night along Nevsky Prospekt. Even if you have seen it far and wide during the day and it seems that you have already seen everything; Nevsky in the light of the night is a completely different Nevsky. All buildings located on the main avenue of the city are skillfully illuminated, which makes them especially beautiful. In another light, you will see the sights of:

  • Anichkov Bridge
  • Eliseevsky shop
  • Gostiny Dvor
  • city ​​council tower
  • Singer company house
  • Savior on Spilled Blood

And behold the Kazan Cathedral! It seems even more magnificent and mysterious than during the day. Unusually bewitching look of the gleaming rivers and canals will charm you. Lights reflected on the surface of the dark water attract attention for sure. And if you are hungry, there are many bistros, cafes and restaurants where you can have a bite. For example, on Nevsky Prospekt 43, there is a 24-hour family restaurant called Marcellis, where you can go after a long walk and have a delicious meal even in the middle of the night. Here you can try Italian cuisine, also, there is a children’s menu, and the prices are quite reasonable.

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