7 Surprising Facts About Ded Moroz, The Soviet Santa Claus

Ded Moroz which mean Grand Father Frost or Father Frost in English is known as Russian’s Santa Claus. Which actually appear so difference with a common Santa Clause we always see.

Just like many countries In the world with their own version of Santa Claus. Russia and many other Slavic countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, have their own version of this figure. Unlikely, the normal version of Santa clause with a red- suited and short bearded figure. Ded Moroz is quietly different with your imagination.

if you ever watch Masha and the Bear. You will find that Masha impersonate one of the character which really close to Ded Moroz it self. Did you know who is she?. It’s when Masha comes with a blue long coat and a crown while giving presents for the animal of the forest.

Masha always comes very often with this character. Still don’t have any clue of this character . Or maybe you just curious about the differences between  Ded Moroz and Santa Claus . You might be want to check 7 surprising Facts About Ded Moroz, The Soviet Santa Claus below.

He has A Beautiful Costume

If you often seeing Santa Claus wearing such a big red outfit. You will never see this common look to Ded Moroz. His costume even more attractive with a different color and style.

He also appearing with Russian style coats in Icy blue, silver or even gold , line or trimmed with white fur and full embrodery. Then He also wearing a traditional boot called tall Valenki. A felted boots popular in Russia or leather boot to protect him from cold.

It makes his costume looking more beautiful and “ stylish “ than Santa Claus. Instead of choosing short beard , Ded Moroz prefer a long beard which made him looking a lil bit dramatic . With a beautiful costume, at least he has a style than a Santa Clause .

He Has A Special Assistant

Ded Moroz usually brings a staff with him . He never appears without his pikestaff- made either of silver or crystal. Ded Moroz also accompanied by a figure froim Russian fairy tales, Snyegurochka, the Snow Maiden.

In the legend of Ded Moroz, She is said to be his granddaughter and is typically portrayed as blonde, rosy-cheeked , and smilling , but this legendary figure also dresses in the wintry colors of the season to assist Father Frost in his efforts to distribute gift

He Rides A Troika

The Russian Santa didn’t use reindeer to help him deliver many gifts. Instead of using reindeer with a sleigh ride. Ded Moroz rides a troika. In Russia Troika known as a traditional Russian harness driving combination, using three horses abreast, usually pulling a sleigh.

The three horses of troika offer enough power and speed to get Ded Moroz to where he needs to go to the Russian Santa has no need for eight reindeer. That’s why Russian Santa not only looking stylish with his costume but also looking so strong and “powerful”.

Ded Moroz Has his Own Castle

Instead of the North Pole, Ded Moroz build his home at an estate in the Russia town of Veliky Ustyug, its located in Volgodosky , in region of Nothern Russia ( approximately 500 miles Northeast of Moscow) situated in taiga forest at the confluence of three rivers , sits the log cabin of Ded Moroz.

Veliky Ustyug also known as the hometown of Ded Moroz. The children can write their letters to him and send them to Veliky Ustyug in hopes of having holiday wishes granted. Those who visit Veliky Ustyug can save their photos with Ded Moroz, ride in a troika and enjoy wintertime activities.

During the holiday season , Ded Moroz also makes appearances in major Russian cities, like Moscow and he often take part in festival and parades. His home not only visistng by children who want to see him but also a friends of Father Frost come often to visit him.

He didn’t give a presents at Christmas

Ded Moroz delivers gifts on New Years Eve rather than on Christmas Eve due to the shifting of this tradition to the more secular holiday during Soviet times.

Incidentally, the holiday tree is the New Year tree, rather than the Christmas tree, though it might appear early enough to mark both occasions , particularly due to Russia’s Christmas being celebrated to the Orthodox Church calendar, after the first of the year.

Ded Moroz Use a Door

If you often see many movies or fairy tales told that Santa Clause use a magic key from a chimney to get in your house. You will never find Ded Moroz do the same thing. He always walks into the house through the door. He will appear with a smile and very kind personality while giving you a gifts.

Traditionally he shown as a tall and slender older gentleman. He might be not appear as a common Santa Clause like your imagination. With a red outfit and fat tummy or his iconic voice. But he also has style while giving a gifts.

Instead of giving you a gifts inside the sock, Ded Moroz will put your gift under your christmas tree. Sounds so cool right?. No need chimney, stylish and still has a style while distributing the gifts. Because he is a Ded Moroz. An awesome Father Frost from Russia.

The Symbol of Russian Christmas

is not just a figure that attract you with his long beard and long coat fur. He is also a symbol of Christmas of Russian. Instead of celebrates Christmas on 25th December, Christian Orthodox celebrates Christmas on 7th January.

The difference in date calculations relates to the use of a new calendar by Pope Gregori in the Catholic Church in 1582 as the Gregorian Calender . As for clerics in the Russian Orthodox Church still use the old calendar knows as the Julian calendar in its calculations 13 days later than the Gregorian calender.

That’ why if you travel to Russian then really want to see Ded Moroz , you need to come around January not December.

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