5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Masha And the Bear Cartoon

Do you know the cartoon series Masha and the Bear? Do you know if the cartoon is from Russia? Masha and the Bear cartoon series is a popular cartoon series that has been aired in many countries in the world. If you like a show or something else, of course some of you have reasons […]

8 Russian cartoons that reflects the past life in USSR

A movie always has some sort of message. Cartoons, as simple as they may seem, are no exceptions. After all, every product of human creativity must be inspired by a real-life situation. If you are keen, you can spot it in every movie you watch. Russian cartoons, especially made in the Soviet era, are quietly […]

3 Popular Russian Cartoon You Can Watch On Netflix

Even though you’re probably an adult and way past your childhood, cartoon still comes into your life occasionally. Once in a while, we would indulge ourselves in cartoon-binging, especially when we can find anything good on Netflix. When you’re watching a cartoon with your children, niece, or nephew, you secretly like it. No need to […]