7 Things You Should Know to Celebrate KROK Festival

People around the world who love movies, in general, and animations, specifically, would most likely know some of these famous Russian cartoons like Cheburashka (1966), Masha and The Bear (2009), Luntik (2006), Smeshariki (2004), Nu Pogodi! (1969), and The Snow Queen (1957). You have surely noticed that half of them are classics and started to […]

8 Glamorous Facts of Moscow International Film Festival

Every year, filmmakers get to put in their films to a range of film festivals in the hopes of having recognition they truly deserve. Things even get any better if their films draw the attention of festival curators or an influential audience. Film festivals no doubt have paved the way for many of today’s iconic […]

Get to Know About Moscow International Film Festival Here

For the filmmakers, film festivals offer them a significant way to market their films at a proper rate. There are opportunities they can harness in order to network within the industry, get feedback from professionals, and so on. With the care of film festivals, filmmakers can bring their passion and stories to audiences, and thus receive […]