Declension of The Russian Ordinal Numbers

We have discussed about ordinal numbers in the previous lesson, Ordinal Numbers in Russian Language. In Russian language, ordinal number are numbers that identify the position of objects in the number of similar or identical items. For the next lesson, we are going to learn declension in Russian ordinal numbers. In Russian ordinal numbers, declension is the alteration of noun or adjective based on case, number, and gender (падеж, число, род) So, declension in Russian ordinal numbers (adjective form) happened when ordinal numbers meet those three components.

The Alteration of Ordinal Numbers Based on Cases

Because of the ordinal numbers are in adjective form, those are always side by side with noun. The alteration of ordinal numbers followed the change of noun.

1. Nominative Case

  • 1995 – тысяча девятьсот девяносто пятый год  ‘one thousand nine hundreds ninety five’.
  • 2018 – две тысячи восемнадцатый год ‘two thousand and eighteen’

2. Genitive Case

  • 20 February – двадцатого февраля.
  • 30 December – тридцатого декабря.

3. Dative Case

  • Suddenly, she gave the book to the third person in the first line. Она вдруг подарила книгу третему человеку в первом раду.’
  • You give a gift to the first man. ‘Ты подаришь подарок первому мужчине.

4. Accusative Case

  • I go to the sixth building – Я иду в шестое здание.
  • I buy the second series of Harry Potter book. ‘Я покуила вторую серию книги Гарри Поттера.

5. Instrumental Case

  • You go to the cinema with your second wife. Вы едут в кинотеатр со своей второй женой.
  • Sasha writes with the first pencil. Саша пишет первым карандашом.

6. Prepositional Case

  • В 1969 год ув тысяча девятьсот шестьдесят девятом году. (in the 1969)
  • В 1962 годув тысяча девятьсот шестьдесят втором году. (in the 1962)

The Alteration of Ordinal Numbers Based on Number

1. Singular

Examples :

  • The second boat is over there. ‘Второя лодка туда.
  • The first swallow ‘Первая ласточка

2. Plural


  • He does not like the first glasses in the shelf. Ему не нравится первые очки в полке.
  • The first pants ‘Первые брюки

The Alteration of Ordinal Numbers Based on Gender

1. Masculine


  • The first number ‘первый номер
  • The second child ‘второй ребёнок

2. Feminine


  • The fifth bag ‘пятая сумка
  • The third chance ‘третья возможность

3. Neutral


  • The eight place ‘восмое место
  • The fourth window ‘четвёртое окно

Those are some explanations and examples of declension in Russian ordinal numbers. There are other lessons about ordinal numbers. You could read it in this page, Genitive Case in Russian Numbers.

For the beginners, you could start to know Russian language in this lesson: How to Learn Russian for Beginners. Enjoy learning Russian language and have a nice day!

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