Myths and Legends of The Russian Snow Maiden

Do you like fairy tales? What kind of fairy tale do you like? Will you be interested and want to know about fairy tales from Russia? If you are interested in this tale, then let’s look at the myths and legends of the Russian Snow Maiden. In Russia, there are famous characters during the celebration […]

Myths and Facts of Baba Yaga, The Frightening Witch

Do you like fairy tales? Will you read fairy tales? If you want, the story you will read is about Baba Yaga. Do you know about Baba Yaga? For those of you who don’t know about Baba Yaga, let’s look at the myths and facts of Baba Yaga, the Frightening Witch. Baba Yaga is a […]

5 Famous Russian Fairy Tales Every Native Russian Knows

Fairy tales let us have a bit of break from the chaos of the real world by providing non-linear and non-rational possibilities. Good fairy tales also show how the main character uses the advice or magical tools served by other magical creatures to good advantage. Many times, magical advice comes to the person who is […]