6 Interesting Facts of Snegurochka As Traditions of Russian Christmas

Christmas celebration… Of course, you are all familiar with this celebration, right? Every country has its own tradition to celebrate Christmas. Starting from how the celebration will be celebrated to anything that must be prepared when celebrating Christmas. Usually there are several countries that have their own characteristics in celebrating. Then is it like that […]

Myths and Legends of The Russian Snow Maiden

Do you like fairy tales? What kind of fairy tale do you like? Will you be interested and want to know about fairy tales from Russia? If you are interested in this tale, then let’s look at the myths and legends of the Russian Snow Maiden. In Russia, there are famous characters during the celebration […]

13 Amazing Facts about Ded Moroz and Snegurochka

Almost every place in the world has its own folklore figures that some get very famous and represent the culture of the place they come from. The figures sometimes could be an evolution or adapted version of older personas from a foreign place and this explains why some cultures have similar folklores that seem to […]