10 Russian Comfort Foods That Will Make You Can’t Resist Your Hunger

mashed potatoRussia really is a paradise for culinary lover. Russia always has various dish of the cuisine that made you hungry all the time. This country have the best snack, dairy product even the have healthiest staple food. Moreover, this country also famous for its menu of the diet program, as the fact that Russian women are have a good and healthy body.

Also it’s been a common statement that there are mouthwatering cakes that you can only find is Russia, because this country has many techniques in cooking their dish. There are also some best snacks made only in Russia. Beside all of those facts, there also Russian comfort foods that will make you can’t resist your hunger, they are:

1. Blintzes

Have you ever hear about pancakes? Do you like to eat them? If yes, maybe these comfort foods will be your mouthwatering cake that you can only find in Russia. Blintzes are delicate pancakes just like other pancakes. But it often made with buckwheat powder and cooked by fried or folded it. These pancakes are super versatile, with several of toppings. You may add berries or cheese as the topping, or if you want a more authentic experience of eating these Blintzes is bay adding the caviar as topping. However, there also a hearty method of eating these pancakes by stuff them with meat, potatoes and farmer cheese than fry it in a skillet.

2. Piroshki

The next comfort food is called Piroshki. You can’t resist these yummy Russian sweets during holiday. Actually piroshki has rich flavor, from savory to sweet, and also it cooked by baked and fried. You can choose one of the piroshki type. This dish also became most favorite dessert in Russian Cuisine. There are some flavor that piroshky can offer to you, such as apple, mushroom or cherries. The dough also varied from puff pastry dough fried dough. Actually, piroshki is resemble to tiropita’s in the greek cuisine. But somehow this dish will make you mouth watering every time you see this.

3. Borscht

Soup is always being the ultimate go to in the midst of cold weather. So this dish is one of the most popular autumn foods in Russia. Borscht is a beet soup – jam packed with tomato, cabbage, celery, carrots, and potatoes and sometimes meat served with a dollop of sour cream and dill. This soup usually served with a toasted dark rye bread to soak in the soup. You may find this dish almost everywhere in the country because this is one of the traditional dishes that become ultimate cold weather dish.

4. Mashed Potato Pancakes with Kolduny

This dish is sometimes the best dish for turning our leftover into something useful. These dishes made from mashed potatoes and stuffed it with kolduny and add meat to the mashed potatoes then fried it just like you fried regular pancakes. The easy process of making this dish make these dishes become the best snacks made only in Russia.

5. Golubtsy

This dish is stem from Middle Eastern as well as European descent. Golubtsy are stuffed cabbage rolls with minced meat typically beef and rice. There are also various cultures that resemble this dish, often using grape leaves like the Turkish or Greek. This dish is also famous spring foods in Russia.

6. Kotleti

This dish is resembles Meatballs, cutlets or hamburgers. Called as kotleti, these dishes are typically made golden and crispy atop a skillet and served alongside mashed potatoes, kasha, salad or pasta. You also may make these become smaller and drop them in to your soup or stick them between bread for a meaty sandwich. Even though they are usually made with chicken or beef, you can also use your favorite fish as a base to make these patties. It is sure is the healthiest staple foods of Russian cuisine.

7. Salat Olivye

This isn’t a typical salad we usually eat. This dish was originated by one of the Moscow’s most celebrated restaurant, Lucien Olivier. Relate to American potato salad, Olivye consists of boiled potatoes, peas, carrots, dill pickles and boiled meat dressed with mayonnaise. This food usually served in holiday eves or special Occasions. Maybe it’s not a yummy sweets during holiday, but it sure are a delicious dish to eat in a special occasions.

8. Kasha

Kasha is one of the healthiest side dish in Russia. Kasha is buckwheat grain you can eat alone or add this into another dish. Kasha is rich of protein and iron. So this dish is useful for our healthy body. In Russia it is a common thing to take a little bowl filled with kasha for the side dish. So it can be consider as the best snacks made only in Russia. Are you interesting to try? You may try as much as you want when you visiting the country.

9. Zharkoye

The next dish is a meal that is suitable to eat whenever you feel the cold of the weather. It’s a dish that will fill up the meat fans. This dish contains potatoes, mushroom and meat. It cooked so delicately that will scream our name so we can’t resist our hunger. Are you interesting to try one of these most popular autumn foods in Russia?

10. Pierogies

The last dish is a dish named peirogies. These dishes are most comforting foods you can eat all the time. It has a savory flavor with addictive taste. If you can recall, this dish have resemble the dumpling shape. The differences with the dumpling are, that you can stuff these dish with anything you want. When you want a sweet thing you can stuff this dish with farmer cheese, if you need anything else just stuff it with mushroom or cabbage.

Finally we have discussed about 10 Russian comfort foods that will make you can’t resist your hunger. There are also some other comfort foods in Russia.

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