6 Requirements to Obtain Driver’s License in Russia

russian driving licenseDo you know that driving license is actually the most important thing in your wallet? You may be embarrassed of your foolish driver’s license picture, but with that card, you are deemed as legally allowed driver to operate a motor vehicle. If at some point, you are pulled over by a traffic police officer, the first thing that they will ask for you to show is your driver’s license.

In addition to that, driver’s license is a multifunctional card. You can use it as an ID card for variety of reasons like opening an account, enrolling in school, applying for loans, et cetera. It is now universally accepted as a form of personal identification, because it provides your contact information.

Requirements to Obtain Driver’s License in Russia

People who wish to drive all around Russia must be permitted to drive using the driver’s license and it has to be issued for the first six months after arriving in Russia. Obtaining a Russian driver’s license can be a long-winded process, especially if you are foreigners. Though, some exceptions do exist, say, diplomatic and consular workers.

In order to be helpful, I already rounded up 6 requirements to obtain driver’s license in Russia. So, let us jump right in.

1. Sign the Application Form

Russia has an official form to complete in order to get a full driver’s license. Since, it is available online; you can easily access the website and download the official form. The application form is basically basic identification information. You will be asked to fill out your full name, current address, height, weight, and so on.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need your parents’ help to sign your application form.

2. Submit All the Documents Required

After you signed your application form, you have to bring along the original documents that prove your identity and your place of residence. Just ask the officer for the required documents and make sure that you have them all. You do not want to carry all kinds of documents around unless it is necessary.

If you are under the age of 18, you may need to bring your student identity card as a proof that you are attending school.

3. Finish the Payment of Fee

You will be likely to be charged for testing and permit fees before continuing to the next step. You need to find out what methods of payment are accepted in Russia if you are going to pay your fees in person.

Before taking Russian driving test, you need to pay for the driving lesson fee for 35,000 to 50,000 Russian rubles. However, if later you fail the driving test even after taking driving lesson, you will need to pay around 500 Russian rubles for re-sitting the driving practical test and around 1,000 Russian rubles for re-sitting the driving theoretical test.

The cost to issue your Russian driver’s license may vary, depending of the place, but it is around 2,000 Russian rubles. If you pay it online or electronically, you may be granted a 30% discount.

4. Join in the Russian Driving Lesson

If you are a foreigner, or if you have never driven a car before, you must take formal Russian driving lesson. Even if you are already licensed in another country, you still need to take it, because Russian driving lessons can help you practice with Russian driving laws that may be different from those in your country.

Language is your biggest problem, especially if you do not speak Russian, because all tests are written in Russian and you will not be allowed to bring a translator along with you. It is important to, at least, have a reasonable knowledge of Russian language.

During Russian driving lesson, you have to undergo 130 hours of classroom lessons and 56 hours of behind-the-wheel lessons. If you can provide additional fee, you can practice more with an instructor, just as often as you want. The course lasts for 3 to 4 months.

5. Pass the Theoretical Russian Driving Test

The theoretical Russian driving test includes 20 multiple choice questions given on a computer about basic knowledge of signs and traffic rules in Russia. You are only allowed to make two mistakes, after that you will be given an additional five questions. You must answer all five additional questions correctly, otherwise it will be considered as a fail. You only have 20 minutes to pass the test.

It is possible for you to pass a the test simply from having observed other people driving for years, but I would still like to encourage you to, at least, read through the Russian driver’s manual handbook once or twice. Only by reading the Russian driver’s manual handbook will you know the areas where you need to learn more.

6. Pass the Practical Russian Driving Test

You will be given two sections to pass your practical Russian driving test. The first section is to drive on a test track, taken at or near your driving school and the second section is to drive on public roads. The examiner may use trick questions or instructions, go out with you, and observe your driving skills (both practical and theoretical). The examiner will also take a note whether you obey all traffic rules or not, so remember to always obey all traffic rules. The practical tests include reversing entry into a parking space, doing parallel parking, turning in confined spaces, turning 90 degrees, and driving through crossroads.

After completing all 6 requirements to obtain driver’s license in Russia, you will get your driver’s license immediately, exactly the day after you passed both Russian theoretical and practical tests. Your driver’s license will be valid throughout the range of time you stay in the country and can be renewed if you are planning to stay longer.

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