Russian Beauty Treatment for Anti Aging

anti aging treatmentRussia is country with a lot of popular things such as the cuisine, the beauty of the scenery, the beauty of the people and of course the beauty treatment routine. Russian is popular for the beautiful ladies. They have a fair skin and also look young in a long time.

It is not a secret that the Russian woman is one of the most beautiful ladies on the world. They not getting their beauty for free, but they work for it. They have such a special treatment that can occupy their beauty. There are also many natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia. So, in this article we will discuss about the Russian Beauty Treatment for anti aging based on some Russian Celebrities, there are:

1. Natalya Vodianova : Fasting

Natalya Vodianova is known with her beauty eyes. She even often compared with Romy Schneider because she has a wide and transparent eye. Many people that have been seen her live always told that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Because of its beauty she often asked what her secret in keeping her beauty is, or maybe she has a special treatment in daily routine.

But in a chance, she state that “real beauty is not about your cosmetics or hair masks”. She explained that in her daily life she has a minimalistic relationship with cosmetics; even she is an ambassador of one of the best local cosmetic brand from Russia. She said that she is one of the fasting advocates, not for the religious purpose, but because she believes that healthy and happy life is needed to get a beautiful face and body. She believes that fasting will lead you to get a healthy body.

In addition, she also does the blood type diet that keeps her body in a good shape while getting healthy. Also, she is doing yoga to keep her active and healthy. So, the most important thing to get beauty is the way you life and maintain yourself.

2. Irina Shayk : Fish oil and Russian baths

Irina was famous from age of 17. She is known for her beautiful face features and shinning hair. In a chance she talks about the potatoes and cucumber that she grew by herself. She also said that she prefer traditional Russian bath than the spa that popular for many people. Traditional Russian bath is called as banya. Banya is the oldest spa treatment of Russia and there are not many Russian bath houses in the world. But Irina Shayk was found one place in New York and she goes there every two weeks. She said that by doing traditional Russian bath that also become the most favourable skincare in Russia for Women one of the way to remove excess liquid from the organism and free it of toxins. And also, she always bath in cold water.

Other tips in maintaining her beauty based on Irina is that she drinks a lot of water in the morning and avoiding drinking coffee. Instead of having coffee, she prefers to consume celery and parsley juice every morning to energize herself. And the key of maintaining her beauty is consuming fish oil. She believes that fish oil is the most useful dietary supplement for maintaining beauty.

3. Ksenya Sobchak: Mix Creams and powders and also not eat anything

Ksenya Sobchak is a journalist that known for her beauty. She is the editor in chief of L’officiel Russia. She also reveals the “horrible mystery” of a long lasting tan. She state that what makes you tan for a long time is by giving your skin a pure vitamin C. but in her opinion, that todays Vitamin C cream do not preserve its qualities. Many natural and organic cosmetic made in Russia doesn’t keep the quality of the vitamin C in their products. She believes that the best quality of vitamin C can only works as disposable serum or as a powder.

To get the qualities, she uses a powdered vitamin and mixes it with her cream and said that it gives her a good result. Beside the powdered vitamin, she also uses castor oil which is cheap and available in pharmacies. She uses it to brush her eyelashes every night before going to bed. She believes that it is the best routine to maintaining smooth and silky skin.

Moreover, to maintain her body shape, she still eats whatever she wants in the first half of the day. She has such a strict diet program to get a health and good body shape. Also, she does fasting once a week. She said that on the fasting day you must eat only green apples and drink kefir. We can understand that fasting is most favorable skin care in Russia for woman.

4. Renata Litvinova : Alcohol in the blood and on the head

Everyone should be agreeing that this 50 years old actress is look so young for her age. She is one of the diva of the Russian Cinema. She looks just like one that done a plastic surgery, but on the fact she just maintains her body and beauty well. Litvinova said that she even don’t do botox. Instead of using all of the modern treatment or surgery, she prefers to rub her hair with egg yolk and cognac to get a smooth and shining hair. Also she uses the mixture and adds sea last and argan oil to scrub her body. She also said that exercise about 40 minutes per day will maintain your hair and beauty. Also she do a certain alcohol diet. For several days, she drinks white wine, eats seasoned cheese and consumes nothing else. She believes that wine cleans out the blood vessels, normalizes the cardiovascular functions and reduces nervousness. And she claims that the cheese improves her vision and makes her skin smooth.

Those are some Russian Beauty Treatment for anti aging. They usually use a natural way to maintain their beauty. And fasting is considered as most favourable skin care in Russia for women.

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