Taste the Soviet pleasure with Polyot Cake here

This Soviet guilty pleasure of Polyot Cake is among the most famous Mouthwatering Cake That You Can Only Find In Russia. This classic cake has layers of an ingredient with a ton of sweet measures that can is definitely not a healthy choice. There is also other cake popular in Russia, that is known as Polyot Cake. This sweet taste of Russia all the way dated back during the Soviet time is famous for various reasons.
1. Freakingly Sweet
This is the main problem with Russian people, they make it accustomed to having cake in the dinner table as dessert. With the addition of their taste of sweet treats, it definitely piles up all the sugar level in the body.
Among the most Legendary Uni Soviet Candies And Sweets,  this cake is a common cake to have during holidays and special event. However, almost every Soviet housewife knew that the right way to take care of a family is to have a full set of cuisine all the way from appetizer to dessert.
So, it is likely to see this cake at the dinner table on a regular night.The sweet doze from this cake come from a variety of sweetness delicacy.
The rich buttercream is soft and creamy, the shells are equally sweet and let us not forget the ground pea as a pop of flavor that gives an extra kick. The fruity filler that connects every layer came from sweet fruity strawberries. blueberries, cranberries or even lemon. All these ingredients submerge into one super Polyot (flight) cake.

3. History Behind It

Unlike other all-time soviet union cake such as the Must Known Facts Of Tasty Russian Napoleon Cake that has an authentic historical background. This Polyot Cake seems to come out of the blue. This mouth-watering combination of heavy meringue and buttercream cake pop in the 1950s.

It has some similarities to Kiev cake, with a super rich cake with an abundance of the ingredient, that seems the Russian housewife just pile anything good into the layers, you can have poppyseed, walnut, hazelnut, you can go nuts with the ingredient.

Or it can also be the renovation from another look-alike cake the Kiyevskiy cake which dated back to 1956 as another buttercream based rich with fruits and nut ingredient. Whatever the indisputable proof of the origin of this cake. The deliciousness is unquestionable.

4. The Meaning of The Name

The name Polyot means flight. So, Polyot Cake means The Cake that flies. There is no distinct evidence about the history of this cake. Therefore, the name just easily translated from the Russian word. Plain and simple. People just assume the fluffy buttercream just take you flying high with this cake. Like having this cake is like floating in the sky.

5. Available Ingredient

The Russian cuisine really counting on the earthy material that only exists in Russia. It takes full advantage from Kind Of Fruits You Can Find Only In Russia that was available in season. So, if there is honey in abundance instead of sugar, that that is what becomes the basis of any cake in Russia.

You can bet to find affordable material as the base for sweet cake, even though the cake is considered very expensive things to have in the dinner table. russian wives are so creative, they can turn simple ingredient and give it more values.

This cake goes heavy on nuts because it was easy to find in most areas in Russia, poppyseed, even dried fruits. Therefore, this cake has a lot of variation depends on your taste and personal flavor.

6. The Recipe

The classic Polyot Recipe consist of all the natural nature that Russian fruits and ingredient have will a lot of sweetness and layers of authentic Russian flavor.

Here are some of the steps to make them yourself. If the real thing that you do not like and do not want to use. Thank you can totally just skip the ingredient and only put in what you love.

Shells need some ground pea, egg white, sugar, vanilla sugar, and salt. While the heavy buttercream use some of the typical household items such as butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, egg yolk, and milk

For the decoration to cover the entire cake use the peanut after being peel and beat. The mix the egg whites with salt until stiff, add sugar and vanilla. Then make a dough and divide into two parts.

Later on, make small meringues afterward bake for 2 hours. Then arrange the layers or meringues with the buttercream mixture that were made from egg yolk with milk, sugar and vanilla sugar. You can put the layers as much as you can, as Russian cake can go up to 16 layers.

The Polyot Cake is one of the most famous Russian and Most Favorite Dessert In Russian Cuisine. While most caseses remained the same sweet flavor and layers. The story behind this cake remains a mystery. Nevertheless, the cake has some serious fluffiness in the meringue foundation and buttercream that you just can find it any other cakes.

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