Get to Know Marriage Rituals of Moslem In Russia

Marriage is the most important moment in someone’s life. People who are getting married will prepare their marriage well. It must be the best celebration in the new life of all brides and grooms. Usually, every religion and belief have their own traditions of celebrating a wedding.

Sometimes, in addition to religious preparation and the beliefs of each bride and groom, wedding preparations are also carried out in accordance with the customs and culture that exist in a country. Each country certainly has differences in preparing for a marriage. Both traditional and modern wedding preparations.

Neither do grooms and brides in Russia. There, the grooms and brides of the Islamic religion have rituals or traditions that are different from the grooms and brides of other religions. They must do it so the bride and groom’s marriage become legal. Do you know about the rituals of Muslim marriages in Russia?

To provide information for you, let’s look at get to know marriage rituals of Moslem in Russia.

Marriage is a wonderful event which is highly coveted by many people. People who are getting married sometimes are willing to spend large amounts of money to realize their dream marriage. But there are also those who choose simple marriage to be more intimate with both the bride’s family and friends.

When conducting marriage preparations and wedding ceremonies, people who will get married can choose to get married traditionally or in a modern marriage. Many people today choose modern marriage because they don’t need to prepare all the rituals in their country and religion. But there are still many prospective brides who still apply traditional marriage in their country.

Weddings conducted according to religion, usually have their own rituals or traditions in accordance with the bride’s religion. Especially if the bride and groom are Muslim. There are things that must be done both before and during the wedding. Neither the Muslim wedding in Russia. There is a wedding ritual that should be done.

Do you know about the rituals of Muslim marriages in Russia? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about it. For this reason, this article will discuss about get to know marriage rituals of Moslem in Russia.

  • About Russian Muslim Marriage

In Russia, Islamic wedding ceremonies are known as Nikaah. Some people think this is a tradition. Despite the fact that this is an important part of the Islamic marriage and also for Muslims. For brides who are Muslim, Nikaah is very obliged for their marriage to be legal. Various types of preparations both before and when the wedding took place were prepared with the best possible according to the rules in Islam.

Muslim young couples in Russia will usually hold an engagement ceremony before carrying out an actual marriage. Then, they will register the marriage and also start pre-wedding preparations. If a Muslim couple who is about to get married does not perform the Nikaah traditional ritual, then their marriage is considered invalid.

  • The Tradition of Muslim Marriage Offered by The Bride Father or Guardian

In the past, there was a tradition in Russia where the bride-to-be will be kidnapped and taken to the bridegroom’s house before marriage. In the Islamic tradition, such marriages or blind marriages are disliked and not justified. According to traditions that exist in Islam and Muslim marriage traditions, marriage offers must be made by the father or guardian of the bride. At the very least, there must be a first meeting between the two brides-to-be before the wedding is held.

  • The Muslim Marriage Registration Ceremony Is Held at Home

Before carrying out marriage, in the tradition of Muslim marriage, the marriage must be registered first. At Muslim marriages in several regions in Russia, the marriage registration ceremony is held at home. In addition, there will be some things that are also prepared. It includes Meher (this is not paid for the bride, this is the reward for the prospective wife and based on the financial ability of the husband’s family), clothes for the bride and others.

  • Types of Muslim Wedding Celebrations in Russia

Muslim wedding ceremonies in Russia are held in two types. It was a wedding ceremony performed at the bride’s house and the groom’s house. The ritual of the wedding ceremony performed at the home of each of the two brides is also different. The Muslim wedding ceremony at the bride’s house will be held in the morning and in the afternoon, the ceremony will move to the bridegroom’s house. When visiting the bridegroom’s house, the bride will be accompanied by guests.

  • The Usual Muslim Wedding Celebration Is Held at Certain Times

In Russia, especially in Dagestan, the wedding ceremony usually takes place during the second half of the summer or early fall. There is a separate reason why this time was chosen for Muslim marriage. The time was chosen because all vegetables and fruits are ripe and ready to be harvested. With all the vegetables and fruits, a party can certainly be held. Especially if there is more than one marriage in the same village.

  • The Usual Muslim Wedding Celebration Is Held for A Minimum Of 3 Days

Muslim wedding ceremonies in certain regions of Russia are usually held for more than 3 days. In essence, it is often held more than 1 day. Not all brides who married organize the wedding ceremony with a long time. There are many considerations that must be carefully considered before doing so. It will also impact on the financial ability of the two sides the bride’s family.

And maybe there are still some get to know marriage rituals of Moslem in Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about get to know marriage rituals of Moslem in Russia.

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