4 Food Service Style for Your Russian Holiday

Do you plan on going on vacation to Russia in the near future?

Making use of your holiday by going out of town or abroad is exciting. You can enjoy the atmosphere, learn about culture and also culinary tours in the places you visit. Enjoying a holiday by doing many things in a place is indeed fun and it’s a shame to miss it.

It will be the right choice if you take advantage of your holiday by visiting Russia. When you visit Russia, you can enjoy food service in Russian style. To add to your information about food services in Russia, let’s look at the food service style for your Russian holiday.

There are many people who are deliberately visiting a city or country to enjoy the typical food and drink from there. When you come, you will usually visit the restaurant or food stall that is there. Every food stall or restaurant you visit must have a different food service. This food service is sometimes be the characteristic of a country or a city.

Likewise, with restaurants or food stalls in Russia. Russia has its own food service style. This style of food service is usually different in each place. There are places in Russia that use formal styles and some use ordinary styles.

If you want to enjoy the style of food service in Russia, you can adjust it to the amount of budget you use while on vacation there. Because you will get different types of service. From starting to expensive and formal to the simplest. About which style of food service will you choose, you can determine it by yourself.

To add a little information to you about the style of food service in Russia, in this article I will discuss about 4 food service style for your Russian holiday.

  • Luxury Style Food Service with Service À La Russe

This food service style of Service La Russe can be found when you visit famous and fancy restaurants in Russia. Or maybe in some other ordinary restaurants but still apply the service style of Service À La Russe. Maybe there are some of you who still don’t know what Service À La Russe is. I will explain it.

Service À La Russe is derived from the French language that has meaning Russian Style Service. Service À La Russe is a food service style in Russia where dishes are brought to the guest table in sequence. This kind of method is inversely proportional to the style of food service in France.

Service À La Russe has its own rules in the arrangement of plates, cups, spoons, forks, and knives were used to eat food. The eating utensils are arranged according to their uses. Guests who come to the restaurant or hotel that implement Service À La Russe, be seated in accordance with their cards.

  • Medium-Style Food Services with Semi-Self Services

In Russia there are also restaurants, cafes or food stalls that implement semi-self services for their food service styles. This style of food service is still served by a restaurant waiter or food stall but you can also take your own food. Usually the waiter will get some types of food and put it on your plate to control the amount of food each guest takes.

There are also restaurants, cafes or food stalls where waiters only observe you when taking food and ask if there is something you need. This style of food service looks more relaxed and not too formal. This is perfect for those of you who don’t feel comfortable with the style of food service that is too formal like those in fancy restaurants or hotels in Russia. You can make a semi-self style of food service as an option when you limit your budget for culinary tourism while you are in Russia.

  • Simple Style Food Service with Self Service

If you are among those who want to enjoy your meal freely, maybe you can visit a cafe, simple restaurant or canteen in Russia that provides a self-service style. So, you can take and determine the food you want and the waiter only calculates the total price you have to pay. In Russia there are many places that use this kind of food service, for example Stolovaya.

Stolovaya is a Soviet era style canteen in Russia. If you visit a simple restaurant, cafe or canteen while you are in Russia, you can determine for yourself how much budget you spend to eat. This can be your choice if you have a little vacation budget.

The style of food service that implements self service can also be an option for those of you who are vacationing in Russia as a backpacker. By determining your own food and the amount you eat, you can certainly save your budget.

  • Make Your Own Food at Your Place of Stay

Maybe for most people who do not really like eating in restaurants, cafes or other places, you can make your own meals at your place of stay. This is the simplest food service style that you can use while in Russia. You can visit markets in Russia, both traditional markets and supermarkets to buy the ingredients you need.

If you buy ingredients and cook it yourself, it will save your vacation budget. Travelers who are on vacation as backpackers might be able to choose this one food service style.

And maybe there are still some of food service style for your Russian holiday that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out 4 food service style for your Russian holiday. So, which style of food service in Russia suits your taste?

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