5 Recommended Night and Dance Clubs in Sochi, Russia

Sochi at night has a special atmosphere inherent only in southern cities. Sochi’s dance platforms have a carnival scale, the scale of which is comparable to world-class events. The exotic resort offers tourists various options for entertainment venues. Night clubs in Sochi are places that guarantee guests and residents of the city a top-level vacation. Here we have 5 recommended night and dance clubs around the resort for your reference.


The COCOS cocktail bar and club presents the visitors a signature menu of dishes made on the base of coconut milk – hence the name of the club. This unusual recipe for alcoholic beverages is also part of the creative presentation. The zoning of the club includes not only a common room with a dance floor, but also equipped VIP rooms designed for entertainment and business negotiations. The entertainment program includes bonuses:

  • DJ sets;
  • live vocal performances;
  • rock, jazz and funk concerts;
  • theme parties;
  • Karaoke platform.

2. Platforma

The venue’s dance floor broadcasts the rhythms of house, R&B, rock and pop music. The main dance floor of the Platforma complex is made of glass and creates the illusion of extreme immersion on the seabed, which enhances the sensations of visitors. The dance floor is also used for concert performances by DJs. The reserve of tables in the club is available for public and private events – weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries and themed parties. The restaurant menu of the Platforma club pleases guests with dishes of European, Caucasian and Japanese cuisine.

3. Nebar

The night venue Nebar is a popular entertainment venue for young people. Predawn dances and karaoke combined with exquisite cuisine are the main components of the relax atmosphere in the bar. The club is known for shocking slogans that attract the most fashionable party people in the country. The place can hardly be called a standard night club. Within its walls, events of different thematic areas are organized – bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, banquets and corporate parties. The calendar program of the event is also presented in a special format. Typical holidays such as New Year and International Women’s Day are assigned to dedicated dates.

4. Kabuki

The menu of the Kabuki night restaurant fully reflects the national flavor of European, Japanese and Caucasian cuisine. The main emphasis in the establishment is on the preparation of original dishes and exclusive cocktails. Seasonal menus and an extensive bar menu are also included on the list of plus points of the place. The atmosphere in the Kabuki bar allows you to combine nightly incendiary dances and exquisite treats.

Kabuki night bar is a great place for relaxed gatherings with friends. The eclectic interior of the bar will suit both lovers of the disco atmosphere and fans of a relaxing holiday. Visitors of the bar can order steaks, desserts, grilled dishes, as well as enjoy karaoke singing. Their signature hookahs are another hallmark of nightlife in Kabuki. The night club regularly holds promotions and tastings of “crazy” cocktails.

5. Abba

The unusual club Abba bar is made in retro style, the reflection of which can be seen in the interior, as well as in the entertainment and music program of the club. The two-story karaoke bar welcomes guests who wish to relax in the pleasant atmosphere of live singing. The disco orientation of the club is reflected in some events – parties at the Abba bar are known for their exquisite selection of music and unique lighting solutions. The Sochi disco bar often hosts dynamic LED installations in the style of the 70s.

Its karaoke bar features a special menu that is updated every month. The restaurant’s cuisine is mainly represented by European dishes. The place also offers visitors an assortment of signature pastries and other desserts. Interesting creative solutions of the bar are expressed in advertising slogans and holiday programs dedicated to artists of the world stage.

The night life of Sochi is full of bright colors. The resort’s nightlife range includes themed restaurants, dance floors and concert spaces. Residents and guests of the resort can choose any place for a club holiday to their taste; so many options to suit different preferences.

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