8 Cute Facts About Russkiy Toy (Russian Toy Terrier)

russkiy toyIf you are looking for a small canine companion that is playful, energetic and lovable, the Russian toy terrier is just perfect for you.

The Russian toy terrier, or Russkiy Toy, is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. But they will surprise you because they have something big inside their little canine brain.

Even the bears have their own fun facts. If you want to have one Russkiy toy for you, you have to learn about the facts of this cute little dog before you adopt one. Here are some cute facts about Russkiy Toy that you should know!

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1. Origins

The Russian toy terrier is a type of small dog first bred in Russia from a pair of English toy terrier. For years it has adapted to the Russian climate with no crossbreeds with other dogs makes it what it is today.

The dog is considered as a noble breed and popular among Russian elites back on the era of the Russian Empire.

2. Cutest Guard Dog

All small dogs are cute. But Russian toy terriers are more than just cute, their bold nature makes them could act as a guard dog.

It is rare to see Russian toy terriers attacking strangers on sight. They will just bark at the stranger while carefully backs off. They will bark as loud as possible to warn you and your family about the incoming guest.

3. Tiny Ninja

As it turns out that cats and ferrets are not the only best rat hunters. Some of dog terriers breeds are adept at hunting rats too. One of the best is the Russian toy terrier.

At the first time when the Russian breeds the Russian toy terriers, they used them as rat hunters. Their small frames could easily chase down rats that are trying to hide in small holes.

Aside from rats, they love to chase small critters. Cats are no exception so it is better to introduce them if you have cats in your house. They are also agile and fast, so any small critters basically had nowhere left to run from this canine ninja.

4. Hyperactive yet Heavy Sleeper

If you have any terriers, most of them are active. Russian toy terriers are no different. Having a small statures doesn’t mean that you have to keep them indoors. It is important for you to free up some space or let them out to play in the yard. They do deserve it.

Because it moves a lot, it does eat quite a lot too. Once it had finished running around the house and the yard, they will eat its foods and pass out in your lap once it is full. It is cute to see it sleeping as it will sleep tightly like there is no tomorrow.

5. Perfect for First-Timers

If you’ve just started to look for a small pet dog but don’t have any experience in small dog caring, look no further, the Russian toy terriers are the best for you.

To care for Russian toy terriers are rather easy as they are highly adaptable to a warmer climate despite their cold climate origins. They also love to entertain you and your family because they are people-oriented.

They also need less grooming. You just have to groom them once a week and bathe them at least once a month.

6. Child-Friendly

Russian toy terriers love being around your family members. But you still have to keep an eye on them if they are around your infants. Their behavior of chasing small critters could be dangerous if they think your little ones is one of their playthings. You should be careful when your toddlers play with them too. Toddlers love to squeeze things, and it is not good for your little terriers.

They might be not suitable for infants and toddlers, but once your children have grown enough, they will prove themselves as a good companion for your children.

If you had other small pets like cats or birds, it is best to make them get to know each other before you left them alone with your terriers. Introducing your terriers to your larger dogs is also important, since larger dogs may hurt them when they are playing together.

7. Bitter Pasts

In Russian history, the Russian toy terriers have experienced almost total annihilation twice. Their worst tragedy is when the October Revolution occurred in Russia. Members and partisans of Bolshevik party have slaughtered many of these cute animals due to their links with the elites. They do this as a symbol of their hatred and rejection of aristocracy in Russia.

The second tragedy has occurred right after the downfall of the Soviet Union. Once the iron curtain has fallen, flocks of foreign breeds flood the Russian pet market. This mass pet trade plummets the Russian toy terriers popularity, and the crossbreeding causes the Russian toy terrier genes to be mixed with foreign breeds.

Despite their bitter past, they have managed to survive and gained worldwide attention. Today, lots of Russian toy terrier are exported to the United States and the United Kingdom.

8. Less Prone to Disease

The average lifespan of a Russian toy terrier is between 10 to 11 years if properly cared and well fed with good quality foods. They also have less medical issues, and quite healthy in general. Cancer, liver, prostate, and intestinal issues are less likely to occurs in a well-cared dog.

But due to their small size but active natures, they are prone to bone fractures. So keep your house and your surroundings clear of any hazardous objects that might likely to trip your dogs while they are running around.

Now, you have learned something about this little fella. It is best to buy them since they was still a puppy, so they will get used to being with you and they will think you as one of their family. The puppies are sold worldwide, so you can find them on any pet store in your city.

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