What Domestic Animals Are Common Pets in Russia? We Can Tell You 7 of Them

People have been living with animals for so many years, even since the ancient time. Some of them are even considered as spiritual sustenance or lifetime friends by the owners. In Russia, pets are just as common as in any other places in the world and the varieties are amazing too, considering the country has […]

28 Russian Names for Your Beloved Cats

Cat is one of the most popular house pets in the whole wide world. The scientists say that cats have been living with humans for about 12,000 years! Before cats were domesticated, they were worshipped as one of Egyptian goddesses. Dogs were actually domesticated first because they could be used to help with hunting when […]

6 Facts about Siberian Foxes, From the Cutest to the Most Surprising One

What do you have in mind when you hear the word “foxes”? Cunning little animals that would sneak into backyards, perhaps? Or the mysterious creatures with beautiful fire-like tails? Foxes are very popular in many cultures’ folklores and mainly introduced as one or both of the characters mentioned before, which is why people are familiar […]

8 Interesting Facts About Russian Tortoise Before You Own It

When deciding for pets, the majority of us would stick at popular choices such as a dog or a cat. However, a few of us would consider smaller and slower animals, such as reptiles or fish. Reptiles can make a unique pet, and the idea of having an iguana or a snake sounds really cool […]

8 Reasons Why Russian Toy Terrier is a Perfect Pet For You

Dog persons always have strong opinions about what type of breed that best suits them. Some choose big bulky breeds, some others may choose the smaller ones. Some people who just about to start adopting a dog always ask “what is the best dog that suits me and my lifestyle?” The actual answers may not […]

Looking For A Tiny Pet? Try Russian Toy Terrier! Here Are 8 Tips for you

The Russkiy toy is one of the best pets you might find. They are elegant, smart, playful, and love to entertain you and your fellow family members. Just like any other small dogs, they do have their own special treatment. So, if you’re looking for a Russian toy terrier, here are eight useful tips to […]

8 Effective Ways to Take Care of Russian Toy Pups

Many small dog lovers didn’t know much about Russian toy terriers. But in their country of origin, they are quite popular among Russian people. Outside of Russia, this dog pure breed is quite rare and not easy to be found due to the low demands. Want to learn more about animals in Russia? Click the […]

8 Cute Facts About Russkiy Toy (Russian Toy Terrier)

If you are looking for a small canine companion that is playful, energetic and lovable, the Russian toy terrier is just perfect for you. The Russian toy terrier, or Russkiy Toy, is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. But they will surprise you because they have something big inside their little canine […]