7 Cozy Places in Moscow That are Perfect for Book Lovers

dom knigiAre you fond of reading? If you are, chances are you would be curious about how book scenes are in Moscow. There is a number of nice libraries in Moscow for book lovers to explore. Libraries in Moscow, some of them are world-class libraries with million of collections. Libraries in Moscow typically also open for tourists, just bring your passport when you visit.

Apart from libraries, there are some choices for book lovers to read or browse for books in Moscow. Enjoy a unique atmosphere at book cafes and bookstores across the city. These places sometimes is a part of a museum or a cultural center in Moscow. Cafe Pushkin is exceptionally unique, being a fine dining restaurant in a library setting. A book lover should not miss Cafe Pushkin during his/her visit to Moscow.

One thing to note, some of the places listed below might not offer services in English. Thus, a basic Russian skill will be required for visitors to get around. Start learning some useful basic Russian just in case you need to communicate with locals. Several places, especially the more modern ones, have staffs who speak English quite well.

1. House of Books (Dom Knigi)

House of Books (Dom Knigi) is a bookstore located at Novyy Arbat, Moscow. It is one of the biggest bookstores in Moscow with numerous choices of books and stationery. Books are available both in Russian and English, with the international section situated on the second floor. The store is easy to get around in since signs here are also available in English.

Besides browsing for books, there are plenty of things to do here. The first floor has arrays of aisles displaying from stationery to souvenirs. Hunt for some nice Russian Matryoshka to bring home here. A coffee shop ‘Literary Cafe’ is situated on the top floor for a nice break between book-shopping.

2. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum, famously referred to The Garage, showcases a wide array of collection of Modern and contemporary art. The garage is located at Gorky Park, Moscow. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art has been opened to the public since 2008. It is a multicultural space that hosts art shows, exhibitions and other cultural events.

For book lovers, the museum has a library where visitors can borrow a book or two. There is also a bookstore at the museum, perfect if you want to do some shopping. The museum cafe is also worth to stop by. The perfect ambiance and the menu selections make The Garage’s cafe one of the 7 cozy places in Moscow that are perfect for book lovers.

3. Cafe Pushkin

Cafe Pushkin is an exceptional place for any book lover to visit in Moscow. The restaurant is named after the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Only opened in 1999 as a restaurant but the building has been there since the era of Catherine The Great.

The interior of this restaurant is almost like a museum. Many of the furniture here was once a possession of the building’s late owner, a German aristocrat. You can see a latin typewriter, an antique grandfather clock, a telescope, among many more items. There is also an extensive collection of books, around three thousands volumes.

Book lovers should pick the baroque style library halls. The bookcases hold volumes from the 18th to 20th century. Take a look into the items and get fascinated by extensive collections of both Russian literature and foreign books. A large globe stands in the middle of the hall with several other antiquities, two antique telescopes, microscopes, an astrolabe, theodolites, and a spyglass.

4. Russian State Library

Russian State Library is one of the biggest and oldest libraries in Russia, and in the world. The library is a must-go if you are really a book lover. Russian State Library hosts millions of books in hundreds of languages. You will easily spend hours in this one of 7 cozy places in Moscow that are perfect for book lovers.

Russian State Library has 37 reading rooms for readers to pick. There are general reading rooms with a thousand seats in total. Reading rooms for digital resources are for those who look for the library’s digital catalog. There are also computer rooms. In all the library area, readers can have access to the free WiFi.

5. Bookvodom

Bookvodom started as a public library at the beginning of its foundation. However, it is now a multi-purpose center with a beautiful interior and a nice place for coffee or tea. Snuggle at one of its comfy chairs and read books from their collection. Occasionally, there are lectures, workshops, and book events for visitors to participate.

6. The Russian State Youth Library

The colorful interior of this library invites any book lover to read here. The Russian State Youth Library caters young visitors, and it is just fun to even look around. Occasionally, there are exhibitions and events being held at the youth library. There’s a theater too, hosting movie screening and workshops at times,

To make everything better, the Russian State Youth Library also has a comic center. The comic section host a wide collection of Manga, comic books, and other visual narratives. If readers want a break from conventional books, this section is the place to go. The comic center also holds comic events throughout the year. it’s the organizer of KomMissia, the largest annual International Comics and Visual Narrative Festival in Russia.

7. Head for a public park

There’s nothing more classic for a cozy place to read than a good old park bench. Moscow offers several public parks with a wonderful atmosphere to read. Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is one of the famous parks in Moscow. Find a quiet spot beside one of the three lakes here and get lost for hours with a book.

Izmaylovskiy Park of Culture and Leisure is full of trees, rotten stumps, and green grass. Nature offers its visitors a clean air. The trees surrounding the lake shield from the noisy Moscow, providing a quiet atmosphere. Izmaylovskiy Park is a dreamy place to just sit under one of the trees and read.

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