Let’s Copy Maria Sharapova’s Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

A lot of world’s top female tennis players were born and raised in Russia, namely Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Elena Dementieva, Anastasia Myskina and many more. Not only shining on the field, these amazing women are also stars off it. As tennis players, their skills while swinging the rackets are what the tennis enthusiasts want to discover. But, as women, it could be their taste in fashion, daily diet plan, or skin care that other women want to find out about. Today, let’s copy Maria Sharapova’s beauty tips for glowing skin. She has very intense schedules yet still knows how to maintain her skin’s health and flawless look. That is something we surely can use, don’t you agree?

Beauty tips from female athletes are usually simple but effective because they don’t have much time to spend in front of the vanity so they work it out from the inside. Sharapova also runs the same rule; when you are healthy inside it will show on the outside.

Always Guard Your Skin with Sunscreen

Being a tennis player who spends a lot of time on the courts and under the sun, Maria Sharapova is a loyal sunscreen user. This has been her daily routine since she was a teenager when she has only started her professional tennis career. For her daily use, it is a SPF 30 sunscreen cream and SPF 50 when she goes out for training or matches. She emphasized the use of this skin protection because UV light is very bad for the skin. It will age and ruin your skin faster and even give way for cancer to happen. Because of her love for sunscreen, Sharapova became the co-owner of Supergoop – a beauty line that specializes in sun protection cream.

Stay Hydrated

Sharapova always needs a lot of water to stay fresh and ready for being on the field a lot and exposed to the heat. This is essential to her routine and that’s why she always starts the day with at least half a liter of water, usually before breakfast. She says it keeps her mind and body aware of the need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink more water rather than coffee or tea and your skin will thank you by being radiant. Carry a tumbler of water everywhere you go and it will be a good habit you will live with.

Have Enough Sleep

This is also a very important thing to keep your skin healthy. It is easy to lose quality rest and sleep in today’s busy world. So little time, so much to do. Women always think they don’t have enough time to sleep. But, no matter how busy you are, always make time to rest. Think of the body like a computer; it needs to be turned off after so much work and multitasking to prevent it from getting overheated or stuck. Sleeping is like resetting the whole system. When you sleep, the body is fixing itself by regenerating cells. Some of these cells are needed by your skin to stay healthy. Sharapova says she loves to sleep and nap. Whenever she gets the chance to, a 45-minutes nap after lunch is something she will definitely do.

Eat Well

This is a rule every woman surely knows. Your diet will show on the way your skin looks. Diet plan is supposed to keep you healthy, not starving. So, make sure to eat well. Maria Sharapova always drinks a glass of green juice with lemon in the morning. She also loves to add chicken on the side and avoid too much red meat. Of course the diet plan would be different from one person to the other. Make sure you find one that fits your need and it will surely give your body a benefit.

Workout Daily

Stay active and keep on the move. It doesn’t have to be in the gym. You can find a daily workout that goes with your schedule. Every woman has their own things to do and also likes one practice better than the other. You can jog before starting your day every morning, ride a bike to and from work – if possible, do pilates or yoga before calling it a night, rope skipping, swim, or anything else that you love and help yourself active every day. This is important, says Sharapova, to burn calories and regulate the blood flow properly – especially if you spend most of the day sitting.

Don’t Get Stressed

Just like how easy it is for women today to lose quality sleep, it is just as easy for them to get stressed with the load of work and chores they have to do every day. But, don’t let this happen. Stress is the second worst enemy for the skin’s health after the UV light. Try and learn to relax every time things get too much for your mind. Sharapova loves to soak herself in the bathtub after a long day with Epsom salt added to the water. She also gets herself a weekly massage to stay energized and rejuvenated. Lavender oil is her favorite for the treat. You can do different things, of course. Do things that you love and it will lift a lot of stress off of your mind. It can be going to the movies, knitting, reading, having a long walk, yoga, hanging out with friends, window shopping, or anything else! What matters is it will help to clear your mind and keep you fresh and happy.

You see now, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to have glowing skin. What matters is maintaining your inner self healthy and happy and it will show on the outside. This kind of glow won’t easily fade or get wiped off when you clean yourself up at the end of the day. This is the glow that will last. So, let’s copy Maria Sharapova’s beauty tips for glowing skin.

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