7 Mouthwatering Cake that You Can Only Find in Russia (Irresistible)

Talking about cakes, you might first think of birthday as it is when you always see cakes. However, for people who loves sweet and dessert, cake means a lot more than that. Nowadays cake industry keep growing everywhere around the world, adapting styles from other places. Perhaps you can even see cake adapted from France in a bakery near your home. As fusion foods keep improving, pastry world also keep developing new styles. But, no matter how many cakes from all around the world displayed in the bakery near your home, you can never find original one. Unless, the chef came from abroad and baking cakes originated in where he came from.

Traditional version of cakes definitely have a plus point. It tells you both story and original taste. There are mouthwatering cakes that you can only find in Russia. Well, it’s too bad if you only know the most popular Russian fish dishes that you can try at home or perhaps super delicious Russian beef recipes that will make you fill your hungry, right? You should also know and try Russian cakes that will get you addicted on your first bite. And those are the cakes you should be looking for, be it for the best Russian food for party or celebration or simply as dessert.

Cakes You Can Find in Russia

If you ever have a chance to go and visit Russia, then you should never miss out on these long-list of beautifully crafted cakes. Russian cakes will not only satisfy your eyes from their outstanding appearance, but most of all, the taste. The unforgetable taste that you’ll gain by giving these cakes a try beside the most favorite dessert in Russian cuisine . Especially if you’re a sweet lovers, then this is just the perfect list of cakes you should dig your spoon on. Here are few cakes from Russia that you shouldn’t miss out :

1. Bird-cherry cake

The unique feature of this cake is the flour that it’s using. Traditionally, it uses flour made from bird-cherry. Bird-cherries are dried and grinded into flour before being used as the ingredients for a lot of desserts. Every time you take a bite, you’ll be surprised by the little crunch that this cake offers you from the ungrinded cherries. The mix of crunch and soft texture will melt together in your tongue.

Not to mention, the sweet and sour taste that you get to taste from this simple slice of cake. The sour taste will come out of the sour cream that’s used for covering the surfaces. This will not only give you another taste in your mouth, but also prevent you from getting bored with just one taste.

2. Polyot cake

Polyot stands for flight, but your cake won’t be a flying cake, don’t worry. It’s a great cake you can enjoy for holiday, or any occasions will do. It offers you the best combination of nuts, sweet butter cream, meringue, and chocolate all in one bite.

It’s simple a layer of soft cake, covered in butter cream, layered with chocolate cream, then sprinkled with meringue and nuts on top. Nut lovers, do not worry cause you won’t only meet nuts on top, but also on the sides. You can change the peanuts with walnut, almond, any kind of nuts you prefer. This messy yet complete cake will make you never say no to dessert.

3. Prague cake

Named after the restaurant that made this the first time, this chocolate cake is totally irresistible. It’s full of eggs but it’s absolutely delicious. Simply made by eggs, flour, sugar, cocoa powder, butter, and a generous amount of sweetened condensed milk for the frosting.

As simple as that, but the taste you will get is truly indescribeable. It’s very rich and sweet, perfect for people who loves dessert and chocolate. Every layers of this cake will give you the best texture and taste that a cake could have.


4. Skazka cake

Ever see the Yule log? This Russian cake has a bit of similarity with that one, but totally unique. Skazka means fairy tale, that fairly describes how the cake would look and taste like. This cake has a very unique taste thanks to the orange liqueur. It’s made with basic cake ingredients, but then started getting unique in the cream and syrup.

The cream consist of butter, sugar, yolks, milk, and orange liqueur. While the sauce simply made by water, orange liqueur and sugar altogether. Once the cake is prepared, it’s time for spraying it with the sauce, which make it different. The layers of cake that has been sprayed along with the cream is super moist. You’ll enjoy this cake as you can’t help but smile looking at the colorful decorations on top. What a very yummy fairy tale.

5. Pancho cake

Presentation is important in a cake, but as long as it is delicious, who cares about how it looks? This messy yet mouthwatering cakes that you can only find in Russia is the best example for that. It’s a twist of chocolate and vanilla in a cake looking like a volcano. I

f Skazka cake use orange liqueur for spraying the cake, this one is soaked in vanilla cream. Sometimes, sweetened sour cream is also used for soaking the cake and enchanching the taste. Don’t worry, the texture you’ll get from a bite of Pancho isn’t just soft and moist, but crunchy. The crunch comes from nut and cherries sprinkled on this Russian cake.

6. Medovik cake

This is surely a Russian cake you should never missed out. As the sweetener, it uses honey and its consistency to boost the taste. You should never worry for it to become too sweet, as the sour cream balance it all. Topped with berries, or anything you prefer, it’s the best cake for desserts.

The frosting is also very simple, consisted of sour cream, whip cream, and sugar. Every layers of honey cake will call you out to keep digging in your spoon for its goodness. This is perfect for you who loves sweet but looking for another source of sweetness. Honey, a great option that will get you both the taste and the nutritions in the same time.

7. Bird’s Milk cake

Another cake started with bird, but it won’t contain any species of bird, don’t you worry. Yoi’ll love this cake, both its traditional and modern version. It’s a perfect bite you’ll get from this cake. Traditionally, it is a layer of mousse, soufflé, cream, and chocolate glaze on the surface. The right amount of agar, gelatin, and condensed milk will let you taste the right texture from it.

As for the modern version, marshmallow usually being used. This cake is calling out for chocolate and marshmallow lovers to gather and enjoy it right away. Kids, teenagers, even adults will enjoy eating this unique, moist and smooth cake.

Cake is always luring you to take a bite of it and enjoy the rest till nothing left. So does these mouthwatering cakes that you can only find in Russia. Just knowing delicious Russian meat-based food that will make you eat with gusto isn’t enough. Russian cake, you got to taste it too whenever you get a chance to visit Russia. Russian cake somehow has the great looks while not abandoning the taste. Perfect inside out, perhaps that describe Russian cake best. You won’t regret for taking a bite of it, it’s a guarantee. Instead of regretting, prepare yourself to get addicted by the goodness that you won’t be able to resist.

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