6 Popular places to have breakfast in St. Petersburg

cafe du nordThe amazing city of St. Petersburg has many things for visitors to see. Besides landmarks, you can also explore many nice shopping places in this city. There are no short of choices when it comes to shopping, from street market to big shopping malls. But how about someplace to eat? Especially for breakfast.

Not to worry, St Petersburg has plenty cool spots for a breakfast. From a budget meal to more pricey options, there’s something for everyone. A culinary feast at St. Petersburg is a good idea after spending the day exploring St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace. People need plenty of energy to sightsee this vast city.

Russian dishes to try in this city are the blini, the classic Russian pancake. Usually served with caviar, a blini dish is everyone favorite for breakfast. Blini is made from wheat and buckwheat flour. It’s rich in carbohydrates and guaranteed to fill your belly and give you plenty of energy for the rest of the day. You can see other’s popular Russian dishes here.

1. Marketplace

This cafeteria-style restaurant is a favorite among both locals and tourist. There is an almost endless choice of menu, from salad to meaty dishes, coffee to juice. The food ingredient is fresh and of good quality. Staff is friendly and helpful. The staffs here speak quite decent English so you can get around easily.

Marketplace is a self-service restaurant so you have to come to the aisle by yourself and order the food. There are wide range of salads which you can custom mix as you like. For the drink, head for the juice bar. For a sweet breakfast, try their hearty cakes. They’re still moist and fresh from the oven in the morning.

Address: Nevsky Avenue, 24, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191186
Opening Times: Sunday to Saturday 8AM–5:30AM while on Monday they open 8AM–1AM
Price range: low

2. Cafe Club Zavtrak

Cafe Club Zavtrak is a Russian version of what a hipster cafe would be. Mostly popular among the youth of St Petersburg, the minimalist interior is decorated delightfully with chalkboards and lockers. If you like reading or would like to improve your Russian, there are books and magazines to read while you’re having breakfast. The cafe is situated in St Petersburg’s Vasilievsky Island.

Address: Ital’yanskaya Ulitsa, 16, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191023
Opening hours: Weekdays 8AM–9PM, weekend 10AM–9PM
Price range: medium

3. Zoom

It’s easy to fall in love with Zoom interior. The cafe is artfully designed with bright and colorful décor, certainly feels welcoming. Zoom cafe is founded in 2004 and has since attracted regular customers. It’s an art hub more than a restaurant. The cafe also serves as a library and an art gallery, besides being a typical cafe for your breakfast.

The cozy interior does attract customers to linger for some time at the cafe. The price is affordable, hence why this café is popular among students. The restaurant here offers breakfast menus until late at night. There are also plenty of vegetarian dishes to choose from the menu.

Address: Gorokhovaya St, 22, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 190000
Opening Times: On weekdays from 9 AM to 12 AM, on weekend opens from 11 AM–12 AM
Price range: low

4. Cake & Breakfast

Cake & Breakfast is another all-day breakfast restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russia. They offer a great variety of food, local and international. Have a sweet tooth and crave for a delicious sweet dessert? Complete the breakfast with their vast choices of cakes and tarts.

If you want to try something more Russian, order syrniki or zapekanka. The cottage cheese pancakes syrniki is a  savory treat for your morning. Meanwhile, cottage cheese cake zapekanka would melt right in your mouth for every bite. If those are too intimidating for you, stick to the more conventional choices. Scrambled eggs or a full English breakfast would suffice.

Address: Kirochnaya Ulitsa, 9, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191014
Opening Times:
Weekdays 9 AM–12 AM
Saturday 11:02AM–12AM
Sunday 1:02PM–12AM
Price range: medium

5. Caffe Italia

Caffe Italia is a perfect place if you want to escape from Russia while being at the heart of St. Petersburg city. The restaurant interior is complete with scooter and motorbikes. Meanwhile, the plastered walls and checkered tablecloth reminds guests of a building in a quiet Italian town. Caffe Italian offers a wide selection of Italian classics, the likes of pizza and spaghetti. It is one of the most popular places to have breakfast in St. Petersburg.

Their ice creams menu is guaranteed to make you forget about calories intakes. Served with waffle cones, or in a big bowl, ice creams at Caffe Italia is a delightful treat even on winter days. Their cakes collections are other things worth to try. Order a slice of them. Accompanied by a cup of latte, it would make a perfect breakfast for the day.

Address: Prospekt Bakunina, 5, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191024
Opening hours:
Weekdays 9AM–2AM
Saturday 10AM–2AM
Price range: medium

6. Du Nord 1834

The French restaurant Du Nord 1834 is located at the heart of St. Petersburg. The name is taken from the French confectionary that’s opened in the same building in 19th century. The classy interior of Du Nord 1834 screams elegance all over its corner. The furniture placement will remind guests of a drawing room in a classic French castle.

This restaurant offers classic French delicacies among the variety of cakes as desserts. The breakfast menu will get you an unlimited coffee refill, from Americano to cappuccino. The restaurant is open 24 hours, to make it everything more convenient. The price is affordable, with around 500 rubles, you get a full set of breakfast complete with a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. They serve a sizable portion, providing enough energy to explore St. Petersburg landmark afterward.

Address: Ligovsky Ave, 41, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191040
Hours: Open 24 hours
Price range: medium

Apparently, the 6 popular places to have breakfast in St. Petersburg is not only limited to Russian restaurant only. Places which offers wide ranges of food, local and international, easily becomes crowd’s favorites, especially among tourists. The most popular place usually have a combination of good food, friendly staff, great atmosphere, and decent prices. The ability of the staffs to speak English well is also a plus.

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