4 Reasons Why Kremlin Clock Becomes Russian New Year Symbol

Russian individuals usually have day-offs from January 1st to January 2nd for New Year and January 7th for Christmas. However, it was very hard to be in the state of mind for work between these two occasions. A few years ago, prior Russian authorities decided to join a few significant occasions in one extended holiday […]

9 Things that Should be Prepared on Russian New Year Table

Russians are not really enthusiastic about celebrating Christmas (neither Orthodox, nor Catholic one), and the greatest festivals fall on New Year Eve (December 31st). What is more, in the same way as other different countries over the world, Russians love their foods during the celebration.  On New Year’s Eve, specifically, there is normally no cost […]

5 Best Parks in Moscow to Go to during Winter Season

Winter in Moscow is a Russian fantasy worked out as expected. Beautiful stops, squares, and places of worship shrouded in sugar powder snow and lights shining on your way. However, try not to overestimate the temperature’s effect on your travel experience. You have to make sure that you pack a comfortable coat, comfortable clothing. and […]

How Important is the Epiphany Day for Slavic Religion?

Russia is, in reality, a unique nation, which, alongside exceptionally developed current culture cautiously safeguards the national traditions profoundly established in the Orthodox religion as well as in paganism. The Russians still commend pagan occasions and numerous individuals still put stock in various signs and legends. Clearly, Russian traditions are a piece of the colorful […]

How Important are the Tangerines on New Year Table?

The Russian festival of New Year’s Eve is significantly more intriguing than the local Christmas acknowledgment on the seventh of January, which will, in general, be very quiet. In Russia and many post-Soviet nations, New Year is a serious deal. Russians get ready for New Year all through the entire year to ensure that each […]

Kovrizhka; A Special Russian Gingerbread for Your Winter Season Holiday

In Russia, spice cakes (also known as pryanik or gingerbread) are still made nowadays, particularly in the urban communities of Tula and Gorodets. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that they are not quite the same as those made a century back, they still have their specific taste, making them stand apart among different sorts […]

Find and Feel Your Finland-Like Winter Season in Kurortny District, St. Petersburg

Whoever said lasting twilight and cold wind should stop you from making some great memories are definitely funny in their heads. Quit shuddering, snatch your cap and gloves, and look at the best of what Kurortny District in St. Petersburg has on offer throughout the winter. In St. Petersburg, you have numerous alternatives where you […]

What Makes Your Winter Season in New Holland Island Coziest?

New Holland Island is a memorable artificial island in St. Petersburg, Russia, dating from the eighteenth century. Presently, under an engineer’s direction, development proceeds apace, changing it into a dynamic social center point. While Moscow has consistently trumpeted Gorky Park, St. Petersburg has never had a public, open, and available park-space. Yet, presently, at New […]

Get the Safety Trip Tips Before Going to Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is the fourth biggest city in Russia and the capital of the Ural region. The city was established by the principal Russian Emperor, and imprints where the last Russian Emperor and his family were killed.  UNESCO has named Yekaterinburg one of the world’s twelve perfect urban communities. As the capital of the Urals, a region […]

Why is Kulebyaka Pie Considered a Special Thing on Russian Christmas Day?

Russians generally arrange a genuine banquet for Christmas and New Year. A visitor who visits his Russian friends will never return home hungry. There will be salt fish, meats, and various plates of mixed greens. Also, certainly, there will be popular Russian pirogi: rasstegays with rice and egg, vatrushkas with curds, and pirozhki with potato. […]