8 Most Popular Brands of Russian Bags and Wallets for Men

Who said men do not need to carry bags and wallets? Who said men cannot go all stylish? Men still need bags and wallets to carry their cash, credit cards, driver’s license, and other IDs. Moreover, there is an old proverb saying that a man is just as good as his wallet. Bags for men, […]

5 Stylish Russian Accessories for Women

It is only natural that women always try hard to look good and as consequence, try as hard to enhance their daily looks. Surely, looking good is a daunting task and comes across as a chore to be undertaken. But, for most women, looking good comes naturally to them and is part of a healthy […]

7 Best Sneaker Brands from Russia You Need to Know

The sneaker culture has always been all about making a statement and it is unbelievable how much the community is willing to continue the trend. We are now close to a future that demands subdued aesthetics. Old-school sneakers will never go out of style, but they have often been forgotten because they are just not […]

Top 8 Authentic Footwears Made in Russia

Take a look at the footwears you are wearing right now. Are they sneakers? Are they flats? Are they boots? Where in the world did they come from? When was the last time you stop for a moment to think about the trend that the footwears on your feet were participating in? Footwears are not […]

8 Creepiest Russian Superstitions You Will Not Believe

Have you ever heard about some of the strangest superstitions existed? Even though superstitions vary from one culture to another all over the world, but we cannot defy the fact that they do exist and follow us anywhere. For most of history, superstitions have played a huge role in shaping the cultures and societies. Superstitions […]

8 Weird Traditions in Russia that will Confuse Foreigners

Every country has a couple of weird traditions that its people adhere to, needless to say, are often viewed as seemingly weird, crazy or even mad by other people who are not actually residents of the country. Some of the traditions are specifically done during holidays and some other are just traditions people go through […]