5 Best Parks in Moscow to Go to during Winter Season

Winter in Moscow is a Russian fantasy worked out as expected. Beautiful stops, squares, and places of worship shrouded in sugar powder snow and lights shining on your way. However, try not to overestimate the temperature’s effect on your travel experience. You have to make sure that you pack a comfortable coat, comfortable clothing. and waterproof shoes with you.

For Russian people, winters are a part of their national legacy and there is seemingly no more prominent excellence and no better time to get out and be excited than during a day of “мороз и солнце” (ice and sun) — when the temperature drops a few degrees underneath zero and the sun turns out sparkling for a couple of hours. 

Russia’s parks run at full steam throughout the winter as Russians make the most of the opportunities that ice and cold permit. Here are 5 best parks in Moscow to go to during the winter season. Check this out.

1. Gorky Park

A few years back, this enormous Soviet park had become a wreck of booths with awful kufta, thrill rides with questionable safety standards, and with a large number of individuals attempting to have a fabulous time. Because of late changes in the Moscow government, the park has improved. The booths and thrill rides have been brought down, the Soviet engineering has been cleaned, and pleasant restaurants and cafés have been opened. The park likewise has dance exercises, Ping-Pong, chess, running clubs, and the biggest European winter ice-arena throughout the winter. 

2. Hermitage Garden 

On the off chance that you just figure out how to see one thing in central Moscow, this should be it. In spite of the fact that the park is small, it is home to many extraordinary sights and it is comfortable, particularly during the cold season. You will find a couple of restaurants, three theaters, a phase for shows, and an extraordinary play area for youngsters. The best food, music, and celebrations are held there consistently and throughout the winter, local people have a ton of fun utilizing the skating arena. In any case, in some way or another, regardless of how many youngsters and music lovers run to this spot, it still never feels swarmed and the environment is intimate.

3. Sokolniki Park 

Ice skating may appear to be unimaginative as an activity to do during the winter season. However, the truth of the matter is that Moscow has been the winter capital of ice skating throughout the previous five years. During this season, you can discover public skating arenas with changing rooms and hot tea at Sokolniki Park. The arenas offer artificial ice which implies that startling warm climate will not impede digging out last year’s dusty skates. At Sokolniki Park, of course, there will be two arenas: one with natural ice (called “Monster,” with free section), and one with manufactured ice (which is designated with entry fee from 250 – 350 rubles).

4. Krasnaya Presnya Park 

Krasnaya Presnya Park has an assigned zone for snowball battles. They sort out two groups, every one of which must safeguard its own fortress. In the event that that is not sufficient and you are searching for increasingly whimsical fun, at that point, go snow-tubing in the slopes. For your information, there will also be new tubing destinations on Poklonnaya Hill (probably the most noteworthy point in Moscow), Severnoye Tushino, and Kuzminki Parks. The most noteworthy and longest slant, which you may rise by means of a “transport lift,” will again be open in Sokolniki Park.

5. Severnoye Tushino Park 

This winter, fans of snowboarding do not need to leave too far as Moscow’s Severnoye Tushino Park is opening an exceptional field with reversible and round snowboard winches. Snags will be developed along the track for outrageous snowboarding. Inhabitants of Moscow’s Central Administrative District can make the most of their sheets in Gorky Park, too, where there will be a region for snowboarders. Instructors will be accessible at each slant to teach amateurs.

So, those are 5 best parks in Moscow to go to during the winter season. Which one would you pay for a visit this winter?

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