How Important are the Tangerines on New Year Table?

The Russian festival of New Year’s Eve is significantly more intriguing than the local Christmas acknowledgment on the seventh of January, which will, in general, be very quiet. In Russia and many post-Soviet nations, New Year is a serious deal. Russians get ready for New Year all through the entire year to ensure that each […]

6 Kinds of Fruits You Can Find Only in Russia

Considering Russia as one of the largest country, there are numerous kinds of fruits which can be found in all over the regions. The different kinds of soil and temperatures have made the influence towards fruits harvest productions. So you should remember the peak season of harvesting to taste the delicious fruits. In common, Russian […]

7 Most popular fruits to consume in Russia

Having extreme weather in Russia, the people still can manage to consume any kinds of fruits they want. The wide range of popular fruits can be found both in their dachas – a summer house outside the city where people grow their food- and in food market imported from overseas from some tropical fruits. In […]