All You Need to Know about Russian Table Set in Every Moments

When visiting a country, of course there will be many new things that you will find. Whether it’s about culture, hospitality, views and other things. The diversity that exists in a country will certainly be a characteristic of that country.

During our visit to a country, usually we will also go on a culinary tour to taste food and drinks typical in that country. Different experiences you will get according to where you are culinary tours. Each place would have its own services.

Including in Russia. When you visit a restaurant to a street vendor, you will find a different service experience. In Russia, you have to know about the Russian table set.

Have you ever known about Russian table set before? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about it. Therefore, let’s see about all you need to know about Russian table set in every moments.

Visiting a country to enjoy and learn new things from that country is a fun activity. By learning new things in a country will make us understand little by little about the country. And that’s included with how to eat well in the country. We do this so that we are considered to respect the manners of the local population.

Manners was not only we can do with the way we speak. The way you enjoy food is also something you should know so that you are not considered rude in other countries. Similarly when you visit Russia.

In Russia, there are a lot of beliefs, customs and also manners that have always been applied in the daily lives of local residents. You as tourists who visit Russia, it’s good you start to learn about etiquette and other things related to manners. One of the things you should know is the Russian table set.

Did you ever know about this Russian table set? How was your impression when you first found out? I think, there are still many of you who don’t know about this Russian table set. For that reason, this article will discuss about all you need to know about Russian table set in every moments.

  • About Russian Table Set

Russian table set or also known as Service à la Russe is a form of service that you can generally find when visiting restaurants in Russia. There will be a presentation of the tables, cutlery and serving dishes in the restaurant of its own based on where you are visiting. Usually there is a distinctive characteristic in each restaurant, although in general have the same service. Russian table set includes the order of dishes and drinks, the presentation of the table, to the service provided by the waiter.

  • The Type of Service in Place That Provides Russian Table Set

In general, the service provided at restaurants in Russia is divided into 4 services. The first is Luxury Style Food Service, this usually implements Service à la Russe with all table settings, the order in which food is served to the service you get. Second is the Medium Style Food Service, this usually implements Semi-Self Service where in addition you can be served by a waiter, you can also serve your own food that has been provided on a buffet basis while still being watched by the waiter. Third is the Simple Style Food Services, this is the food service where you should take your own food like in the cafeteria. The last is a service where you make and mix your own food from ingredients that have been served.

  • How To Place Cutlery On A Russian Table Set

The important thing you should know when visiting a restaurant with a Russian table set is how to place the cutlery that you will use. You should at least know which type of glass you should use to drink water and which one to drink wine if you visit a restaurant that implements Service à la Russe. You also have to pay attention and know which cutlery is right according to the dish and the purpose of using the cutlery. Maybe before you decide to visit a restaurant when you are in Russia, you should find out or at least ask about how the service is implemented in that restaurant.

  • Preparations in Serving Food and Drinks on The Russian Table Set

What you should know also is how to prepare for serving food and drinks in the Russian table set. In Russian service, all preparations for serving guests who come to visit the restaurant are very carefully considered and carried out. Dishes and drinks will be well prepared in the kitchen although there are some exceptions depending on the type of dish that is served. The way in which the waiter serves and serves the food and drinks you order is also different based on the type of order you ordered.

  • Presentation of Food and Drinks on The Russian Table Set

In the Russian table set, the order in which the food and drinks are served is also adjusted and carefully considered based on the type of menu you ordered. When the waiter serves the soup, the soup will be taken and poured in a separate bowl in accordance with the portion of the bowl used. Before providing your dishes, the waiter will usually introduce to you about the cutlery to be used and the waiter also been trained to keep serving you in accordance with appropriate conditions. For example hot dishes will be served hot, and vice versa.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about Russian table set in every moments that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Russian table set in every moments. Do you understand a little about Russian table sets and will start practicing it?

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