All Things About Russia In Russian Documentary

Do you like watching movies? What type of film do you like the most? Among the many types of films there, have you ever watched a documentary?

In every country in the world, they usually have documentary films that tell about an event. Whether about rare events or events that are famous and became the talk of many people.

Then, do you know if Russia also has many documentaries?

Maybe there are some of you who already know and some who don’t know. So that you know more about documentaries in Russia, let’s look at all things about Russia in Russian documentary.

The documentary is a film to document the realities of life. This documentary usually has a short viewing duration, not like most films. At present there are many categories of documentary films, for example about observation, education and others. Documentary films are also often used to provide teaching and broaden the reach of recipients of information in the film.

Likewise, with documentaries in Russia. There are many documentary films produced in Russia as well as outside Russia but discussing Russia. Among the many documentaries in Russia, there are several film titles that can make you more familiar with Russia.

Therefore, as an additional information for you, this article will discuss all things about Russia in Russian documentary.

  • The Reflection of Russian Society in Russia At This Time (Perm-36. Reflexion)

Perm-36. Reflexion documentary film contains the Museum of Political Repression of Perm-36 and the International Civil Forum “Pilorama”. Perm-36 is a museum that opened from a former political camp. This Perm-36 is located in the village of Kuchino. It is located about 100 km from Perm.

In this documentary there is also the International Civil Forum “Pilorama”. In the forum there is serious discussion along with a music concert. Guests at the event will stay in tents over the weekend in a field near the Museum. Guests are represented by many social and political groups. The gathering of all these groups made a depiction of life in the past when Soviet rule and a new part of modern life. That is why this documentary is like a reflection of current Russian society.

  • Stories About the Life of Trans-Siberian Passengers (Third-Class Travel)

Third-Class Travel documentary tells the story of the lives of the passengers traveling on the Trans-Siberian. Trans-Siberian is the longest railway in the world. This train route is well-known and popular among tourists who want to get around Russia.

Russia is the largest country. A very long train trip can generate a variety of stories between foreigners and native Russians. The stories in the documentary for example political discussions, romantic story, public celebrations and other stories that are able to kill the boredom of traveling. So, through this documentary you can feel like you are on a trip using Trans-Siberian even if you don’t travel directly.

  • Investigation of The Chernobyl Disaster (The Russian Woodpecker)

The Russian Woodpecker documentary tells about the investigation into the causes of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This Chernobyl nuclear disaster is a disaster that is well known throughout the world. The documentary was directed by Chad Gracia who also became his debut as a director. The Russian Woodpecker first aired in the competition “World Cinema Documentary” in 2015.

The Chernobyl disaster investigation in the documentary was carried out by Fedor Alexandrovich. In his research, it was revealed that there was a possible relationship with the structure during the Soviet Cold War era. Fedor Alexandrovich’s investigation into the disaster was disrupted and influenced by the Euromaidan rebellion in 2014.

  • Stories About Family Life in A Village Outside Moscow (Katya, Vitya, Dima)

Katya, Vitya, Dima documentary tells the story of a family living in the village, located outside Moscow. Although located outside Moscow, but the village was not too far from the city of Moscow. This documentary film released in 2012.

The documentary film Katya, Vitya, Dima is considered to provide a fairly accurate and also good picture of how life is not easy on the outskirts of Russia. The story tells about the economic struggle of a married couple to raise their three children. This documentary takes place in a small village outside Moscow. Through the documentary film like this, you can find out about the people and culture in Russia.

  • The Diversity of People in Russia (Looking on The Other Bank)

Looking on The Other Bank documentary is a documentary film consisting of 8 short stories. These eight short stories are told by 8 different people to become bigger stories. This documentary was made in 2016.

This documentary tells the story of the diversity of the Russian people in this modern era. Russia is a very broad country. Therefore, there must be a lot of diversity among the people who live in Russia. Diversity in modern times is rarely the media spotlight. By watching the documentary Looking on The Other Bank, you will be able to get information about the description of the Russian state and the people who live there.

  • Stories About Life in The Gulag (Kolyma – Birthplace of Our Fear)

Kolyma – Birthplace of Our Fear documentary is a film that tells about the legacy of Stalinist oppression in Russia. In addition, the documentary also tells the story of people living among the ruins of the Gulag labor camp. This region is one of the most inhospitable areas in the world.

This documentary film made by Yuri Dud. He traveled as far as 2,000 kilometers along the Kolyma highway. He told stories of people whose families were victims of the Stalinist persecution. Throughout his journey, he also told about local activists and the conditions of residence of the residents there. Yury Dud has 2 goals in making this documentary. The first is to remind of the horrors that exist in Russia. Second is that he wants to show that in a place that is uninhabitable, one can adapt and be happy.

I hope this article can really help you to find out all things about Russia in Russian documentary.

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