10 things you should know about Siberian Husky

Russia is a country near the north pole. In addition to the extreme weather there are a variety of fauna that are not found in other countries. Various animal species are present in russia, such as seals, desman russia, pitorama snow sheep, rosary gulls, lemming amur, storks, and barguzin civets. The animals are typical russian animals that are rarely found in other countries including neighboring Russia. However, the typical russian animal that is often used in various russian films is the Siberian husky. Dogs that resemble wolves are very much present in Russia. This animal has a variety of uniqueness. This article will discuss more in depth about 10 things you should know about Siberian Husky.

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Before we discuss about the uniqueness contained in siberian husky then we should know the physical specifications of siberian husky. The Siberian husky is one of the medium-sized but thick-feathered dogs. The Siberian husky is indeed a dog that is not too fierce, even very good to a stranger who is not the owner. In ancient times, siberian husky often used to pull the train carrying the load on the snow. In plain view, this husky altitude resembles a wolf but in fact this animal can also howl like a wolf.

10 thing you should know about Siberian Husky

After knowing the specifications of siberian husky then we can see a variety of uniqueness of this typical russian animal. Here are 10 things you should know about Siberian Husky, such as:

1. Likes to run

Ancient habits used as a train pullers that carry loads on the snow hence make his personality to be like running. Siberian husky pulls this train for miles so that it runs very fast and has good extreme temperatures. This Siberian husky is considered to be a strong, impulsive animal and likes to chase animals that are smaller than their size.

2. Able to escape

Many of these husky husky lovers call this animal a houdini in the dog world. For you lovers of magic show would not be foreign again with houdini world magician. Houdini is a famous magician with a show of disappearance or escape. Like the Siberian husky, able to sneak small holes, climb or dig under fence, escape when the door is open and able to break through the electric fence though.

3. Do not let loneliness

This dog is classified as an animal that friendly with other animals. The Siberian husky is very friendly to animals and to humans. Therefore, do not let this Husky Siberian live alone without having to accompany both from humans and fellow animals.

4. Very friendly with humans

This animal is quite human because the Siberian husky really like everyone without exception even though it is not the owner. Therefore, Siberian husky is not appropriate if used as a house guard. Not close possible, if there is a thief then this animal is friendly to the thief.

5. Keep away from cats or other small animals

Although the Siberian husky is very friendly to humans or animals, these animals often chase and kill animals less than their size such as cats, rabbits, chickens, other livestock and even small dogs. If you want to treat siberian husky then you should place it on a separate place with other animals, especially small animals smaller than its size.

6. Often experience hair loss

The Siberian husky will release the entire coat in large quantities at least once or twice a year. These feathers serve as insulators to keep the husky Siberian protected from extreme temperatures in the snow season and protect against harmful heat and UV rays.

7. Likes to dig

In natural talent, this husky Siberian loves digging activities. This talent is often used siberian husky to escape by digging tunnels underground.

8. Keeping personal belongings

This Siberian husky does not like to share food, drink and even toys to other animals. If you want to take care of this animal you need to separate it’s food, so there will be no other food fights for your pet.

9. Pay attention to genetic health

Animals of this type are susceptible to dangerous diseases such as juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy and corneal dystrophy. The disease is a genetic disease of their mother.

10. Includes a versatile dog

According to the animal research center in the United States, mentioning this kind of siberian husky animals is a versatile dog, a fun temperament, and easy to carry everywhere. In addition, this husky Siberian has soft, child-friendly, and adaptable fur in a new environment. Population of Siberian Husky is quite minimal compared to other types of dogs.

So a brief explanation of the 10 things you should know about Siberian Husky. For those of you who like to care for Dogs, please try to keep a dog of siberian husky type. You will feel different sensations. Animal sightseeing is now in your bucket list, there are many other things to see when visiting Russia such as Mosque in Moscow, Russia and Catherine Palace. Also, if you’re visiting Russia, do not forget to check the Best Time to Visit Russia and Tips to Do Cheap Travelling to Russia. Enjoy your trip and have fun in Russia!

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