The Unique Story Behind Napoleon Cake That You Must Know

The desserts are foods that can invite our appetite. Even though our stomachs feel full from eating appetizers and main dishes, we will certainly remain interested in trying tasting desserts. Everyone certainly has their own dessert.

Every country has their own desserts. There is a dessert that is similar to a dessert in another country. There are even desserts that have a unique taste that we have never tried before.

Among the many types of desserts in the world, have you ever heard about Napoleon Cake? This is one of the cakes in Russia. Have you ever tried it?

This Napoleon cake has a unique story that you may never know before. For that, let’s see about the unique story behind Napoleon Cake that you must know.

As we know, there are many types of desserts that we can enjoy. Each country has their own unique desserts. There is also a country that adapts desserts from other countries. Desserts that are the result of adaptation are also popular in the countries that adapt them.

Dessert can be enjoyed when served both hot and cold. In the form of food and beverages. Any type of dessert will certainly remain delicious when we enjoy it. That is why many people love desserts and it is very difficult not to be tempted to see them.

Among the many dessert choices in the world, which one is the top of your favorite dessert? Do you also like desserts that are not from your home country? Of all kinds of desserts, do you know about Napoleon Cake?

Napoleon Cake is a cake that is easy to find when you visit Russia. Every food can have a unique story behind it. Similarly, with Napoleon Cake. There is a unique story that you need to know about this cake.

Maybe there are still many of you who are curious and wonder about this Napoleon Cake. For this reason, this article will discuss about the unique story behind Napoleon Cake that you must know.

  • About Napoleon Cake

Napoleon Cake is a cake that comes from Russia. This is one of the most popular cakes there. This cake is also popular in other Soviet fractional countries. Napoleon Cake first appeared in Russian literature in the 19th century.

Napoleon Cake became the standard cake for desserts served in Russia at dinner. But there are also those who present these cakes at weddings or celebrations. Some are even giving this cake as a gift when visiting relatives or colleagues from Russia.

You can find Napoleon Cake in Russian restaurants. Or you can also make it yourself at home. There are many recipes for making Napoleon Cake that you can find on the internet as a guide for making the cake yourself at home. This cake is considered a Russian culinary heritage.

  • The History of Napoleon Cake

Napoleon Cake was first mentioned in Russian literature in the early 19th century. It is a cake made in layers with custard and icing. Although the name of this cake is like a famous general or leader, but actually this has absolutely nothing to do.

Many say that Napoleon Cake actually comes from culinary in Italy. But some say that this cake still has a little relationship with the Emperor of France and this cake was created in his honor. I think the original truth is still confusing. I wonder what the truth is, who knows?

Napoleon Cake later became a very popular cake in Russia. More precisely Russia and post-Soviet countries. The Russians even consider this cake as the culinary heritage of their country. It might be said that Napoleon Cake is known as The Russian Cake.

  • The Story of The Name Napoleon Cake

There are several versions of the story that talks about the name of Napoleon Cake. Maybe one of these stories is a story you’ve heard before. Or maybe this is the first time you know about the story behind the name Napoleon Cake.

One version of the story about the name of Napoleon Cake is that this dessert has a real name napolitain. And in English, this cake is called neapolitan. This word means sweet food in Naples style. There are also those who interpret the name of this cake as “one thousand leaves”. This is because Napoleon Cake is made in layers.

Another version of the story says that Napoleon Cake was invented in France in the 18th century. Therefore, there is a mention that Napoleon Cake is mille-feuille. In French, the name means “a thousand layers”. Napoleon Cake was brought to Russia during the 19th century. It was generally made as a celebration after the victory against Napoléon Bonaparte.

  • The Same Cake as Napoleon Cake

There are many people who say that Napoleon Cake is the same as or similar to mille-feuille of France. But in fact, these two cakes have a little difference. Both from the cream used to the toppings on both cakes. Maybe in one glance, you will be able to distinguish the two cakes.

Napoleon Cake is made with condensed milk cream. This will make the cake have a sweet and addictive taste. Then have the toppings derived from crumbs of cookies. While mille-feuille has a taste that is not as sweet as Napoleon Cake. It has a topping using patterned icing.

And maybe there are still some the unique story behind Napoleon Cake that you must know that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about the unique story behind Napoleon Cake that you must know. Are you interested in tasting these Russian Napoleon Cake and also interested in making it yourself at home?

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