What Domestic Animals Are Common Pets in Russia? We Can Tell You 7 of Them

People have been living with animals for so many years, even since the ancient time. Some of them are even considered as spiritual sustenance or lifetime friends by the owners. In Russia, pets are just as common as in any other places in the world and the varieties are amazing too, considering the country has […]

Meet the Cute Big Dog from Russian: Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka

Dogs are known as human’s best friend. Many people prefer dogs as their pets at home. Dogs that become pets at home vary in size, from the smallest to the biggest. There are many types of dogs that exist worldwide. There are dogs that can be pets and some are not. That’s because not all […]

6 Main Differences between Samoyed and Siberian Husky

In the world of dog lovers, Samoyed and Husky are very popular even highly desired due to their beautiful appearances. Originally from Russia, these two breeds need special treatments and trainings which then explain why they may not be suitable for everyone to be kept as pets. It is not difficult to identify which one […]