Walking Around at Vernisazh Izmailovo; The Best Russian Handicraft Place to Survive

Hunting for souvenirs when visiting a place is often a mandatory activity that must be carried out by most people. This kind of activity is usually done to hunt for objects that become memories objects that will always remind us if we ever visit that place. Maybe you are one of those people who are also doing it.

Every city in a country usually has a special place that sells many types of handicrafts or souvenirs. Sometimes, even that place has its own characteristics when compared with other places. Neither with Russia.

In Russia there is one place that is a paradise for people who want to look for handicrafts. The place was named Vernisazh Izmailovo. Have you ever visited that place when you came to Russia? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about this place, so let’s see about walking around at Vernisazh Izmailovo; the best Russian handicraft place to survive.

If we find a place that sells the best quality goods but has a cheap price, surely that is good news, right? It’s just that you have to remain vigilant with this kind of place because you could be fooled by items that look the same as the real one but it turns out to be fake. There are many places like this if we are not careful.

In every country there are many places to sell all kinds of handicrafts that are typical of that country. Both in the form of shops to resemble a market. In Russia too, there can be found the area that sell a lot of trinkets and souvenirs and the place resembles a market.

This unique place which is a paradise for looking for typical Russian souvenirs in Russia is Vernisazh Izmailovo. It is a unique place in one of the regions in Russia. It is a vast area with various types of souvenirs typical of Russia ranging from small to large ones.

Have you ever heard of Vernisazh Izmailovo? Or maybe you have visited the place? For those of you who have, how do you feel? Surely you got an interesting and enjoyable experience.

I think there are still many of you who don’t know about Vernisazh Izmailovo. Therefore, to add information to you, this article will discuss about walking around at Vernisazh Izmailovo; the best Russian handicraft place to survive.

  • About Vernisazh Izmailovo

Maybe there are still many people who do not know about Vernisazh Izmailovo in Russia. This place called Vernisazh Izmailovo is actually the largest applied art market both in Russia and in the world. The art market is located in one part of the city of Moscow. This market has been in existence since the 17th century.

Vernisazh Izmailovo is the market of choice for tourists who come to Russia because this place has the best prices and the largest choice in Russia. When you are in the market you can certainly bargain to find a price to your liking, right? If you want to visit in Vernisazh Izmailovo, you will be charged RUB 10 as the entry ticket price.

  • Types of Handicrafts for Sale in Vernisazh Izmailovo

There are many types of items that you can find in Vernisazh Izmailovo. Starting from typical Russian souvenirs to flea goods. Actually, there is a flea market that is located behind Vernisazh Izmailovo. It is still in the same area as the Vernisazh Izmailovo art market.

In the Vernisazh Izmailovo market you can find Russian souvenirs such as nesting dolls (Matryoshka), Russian artwork and hats, lacquer boxes, carpets, tea supplies and many other Russian souvenirs. This market is specifically for souvenirs in the form of handicrafts. The goods sold at the flea market behind Vernisazh Izmailovo sell slightly different items.

  • Something That Is Around Vernisazh Izmailovo

Izmailovo Vernisazh region is actually surrounded by some building or place that is equally beautiful. It is a fairly large area and can make you get lost between the towers there. So you can decide to take a short walk after shopping for souvenirs in Vernisazh Izmailovo. Let’s find out a few of them.

When you first arrive, you will be able to see a large and exotic fortified wall known as the Izmailovo Kremlin. There is also the Russian Vodka History Museum where you can see the famous vodka collection in Russia and also taste some of them. In that area there is also the Church of Svyatitelya Nikolaya which you can meet when you have gone through the main entrance.

  • Something for Sale in Vernisazh Izmailovo Besides Handicrafts

In addition to Russian handicrafts that are well-known among tourists, Vernisazh Izmailovo also sells several types of souvenirs and other interesting equipment. There you can buy CDs and DVDs, magnets and even to military equipment. In that market you can also find and buy all kinds of goods that are still closely related to the Soviet era.

The flea market behind the Vernisazh Izmailovo market will become bigger and more crowded on weekends. In the Vernisazh Izmailovo market, you will also be able to find goods originating from outside Russia, for example goods from Central Asia. In addition, you can also enjoy traditional Russian food which is also sold at several points in the Vernisazh Izmailovo art market.

And maybe there are still some of walking around at Vernisazh Izmailovo; the best Russian handicraft place to survive that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about walking around at Vernisazh Izmailovo; the best Russian handicraft place to survive. So, are you interested in visiting Vernisazh Izmailovo to hunt for souvenirs that you want while in Russia?

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