4 Most Difficult Novels Written by Russian Author

Any of you must have had the joy of discovering some of the most intellectually challenging epistolary works. At some point, those who love to read as well as take a pleasure challenging themselves must have had turned to difficult novels when it was the night a week from finals and they were supposedly assigned to read […]

3 Most Romantic Books by Ivan Turgenev That are Worth to Read

Just as a wise man once said, reading a general fiction book is like eating a five-course meal with dessert afterward. A romance book is like a cone of ice cream enjoyed when no one is looking. Almost all women love reading romance books. They claim reading a romance book offers them some kind of […]

4 Best Russian Novels to Read for Beginners

Reading easy Russian novels will help you develop and improve your reading skills. Just as a wise man once said, practice makes perfect. But when you are learning Russian, just figuring out the Cyrillic letters seems like a challenge already. That is why it is important to start off with easy Russian novels that will not make you […]