Recommended Books about the Soviet Union for Children

You do not have to be an avid reader to have a thing for history. Fortunately, if your children are drawn to stories about Anne Frank, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Jefferson, and other profound figures of the past, there are plenty of incredible history books for children, especially those that explore milestone events in comprehensive but […]

Here Are Playful Books of Early Soviet Children

Books play an important role in the growth and founding of children. The books they are immersed in and the characters they follow through can become like friends to them. It is also good for them to understand that books are a reliable source of information and that good reading skills are beneficial for success […]

4 Greatest Russian Authors for Best Children Books

A famous book will certainly make the author’s name famous. Many books have been published by the greatest authors in the world. The book was published in various types. One of them is a book for children. Books for children usually have stories that are light, fun, exciting and also have picture illustrations that will […]

6 Most Recommended Russian Books for Kids

Reading is very important for kids and its importance cannot be emphasized enough in them. As parents, you need to make daily reading as a high priority. Many scientists agree that kids who used to read on a daily basis have a larger vocabulary than those who did not read at all. It turns out […]