What Makes Blini A Must-Taste For Newcomers in Russia?

A country’s traditional dish or signature cuisine is definitely more than just some food on a plate. There’s a lot more going on in there. Almost always, a traditional dish that has been passed over generations tells about the place’s culture, history, and a lot of stories. Russia has a lot of signature dishes that […]

What Makes Russian Pancake Taste So Special?

Some dishes in the world, though they have the same name, may taste different depends on where the dish is made. Curry, for example, the one in India is distinctively different from the one in Japan although in both country the dish is similarly called, well, curry. The same thing with pancakes. There are a […]

The Easiest Ways to Make DIY Russian Blini

Do you like to eat pancakes? What kind of pancake do you like? There are some countries that have a kind of pancake with typical of the country. There is also a slight difference in how to cook even though the ingredients used are almost the same. In Russia there are also pancakes which are […]

7 Well-Known Foods That Were Produced in Russia

Russia as the largest country in the world provides many kinds of foods. It has the distinct ingredients and form which can be identified once you taste the foods. Not only delicious, but the natural ingredients that used is very important for your health. Since they tends to relies on naturally grown ingredients, which is […]