Space Rangers 2: Dominators, More than Just RPG

Generally speaking, RPG or roleplaying games are achieving some popularity for these past few years. It is not without reason. Many people are drawn to roleplaying games because they get to not just read the story, but also experience it, usually from the perspective of main character, in a way that romanticizes the character’s trials and tribulations.

Roleplaying games for computer, however, are a bit less about the actual story and focus more about escaping from reality and enjoying the artwork, the fighting, the special effects, and the graphics instead. You may also check video games set in Soviet Union.

Tabletop roleplaying games like these allow the players to expand on their creativity and tap into their mental visualization with a bit of a gambling factor to it when it comes to the randomization.

Whether they are in a fantasy, historical, science fiction or modern-day setting, they can interact with the game’s imaginary world as if they were the character they play. In most roleplaying games, their character has a mission that guides the major storyline of the game.

What makes roleplaying games even more fascinating is the compelling development, imaginative storylines for each character that requires a God tier of creativity. As players go along with the storyline, they also learn how to do critical thinking and problem solving. The amount of face-to-face interaction with other players can improve social skills, too.

In this article, we will learn more about a game of eclectic mix of commerce, action, and RTS-elements along with a strong visual presence, Space Rangers 2: Dominators, more than just RPG. Check it out.

Space Rangers 2: Dominators

Space Rangers 2: Dominators is a game created by Russian developer. It may look like a typical combat, space-exploration, and trading game, only a lot more colorful. You may also check video games set in Russia.

As a player, your mission is to zip around the galaxy in your spacecraft, battling pirates, buying and selling items on the open market, and transporting McGuffins from one place to another.

However, it does not take too long to know that this fun and engaging game is far more than that. It is when you are thrown into prison and obliged to serve out your time in an adventure of which you can shape yourself. Or after you meet the quirky intelligence tests and pizza-making tasks that you realize you are in an inspired cornucopia of a game.

Not everything leaves a good impression in Space Rangers 2: Dominators, but it is so random and bizarre that you would find yourself having fun nevertheless.

Space Rangers 2: Dominators is a cutting-edge game in terms of graphics. However, do not make the mistake of labeling the low-end graphics with ugly. This is a colorful, quaint game, and the abstracted visuals are perfect for fast paced game. It runs well on a wide variety of systems while the audio includes techno pleasing tunes.

There is so much to see and do in Space Rangers 2: Dominators that you might find intriguing. Aside from a sharp learning curve, you will find yourself caught up in a vibrant and dynamic universe, looking forward to another mission before you call it a night whether it is delivering the Peleng’s top-secret pizza recipe to a planet before the rime is out or liberating yet another system from horrible dominator robots.

More than Just RPG

Essentially, Space Rangers 2: Dominators is a brilliant attempt to bring together several game genres such as roleplaying games, turn based and real time strategies, arcade, and text adventure. The quest to save the galaxy from several types of robotic invaders is very fun.

It does not really boil down a specific genre. If pressed, I would say there are strong space trading elements, a space shooter, a bit of RTS and FPS, a roleplaying game, even an honest-to-goodness adventure game.

They are all wrapped up in an open-ended game format. Pretty rarified company, and if the excitement people have had with the pre-release version turns to be any indication, then this game might just annihilate what little social life they have.

One day you may be roaming around and collecting loot from a huge invasion, getting medals, and the next day participating in a text adventure, playing a role of a truck driver on a backwater planet. Overall, it is a very fun game with a lot of customizations, a very impressive package with something for everybody.

However, it is worth noting that while it is great to add a lot of contents in a single game, at some point, there has to be a bit more focus. It seems like there should have been more time to spend on a little more polish to the interface and core gameplay elements instead.

Unpopular Game

Unfortunately, Space Rangers 2: Dominators is considered an unpopular game. Even Russian gamers themselves have a skeptical attitude towards not only Space Rangers 2: Dominators but also locally produced video games.

It has come to the point where shadier stores get to sell some Russian video games packed in boxes with English version cover designs on them as if Russian titles would badly affect the sales.

However, the whole situation actually makes sense because the general quality of most Russian video games really is rather poor. Video games have long become form of art in the West, while in Russia they are still looked down on as something childish.

Still, Space Rangers 2: Dominators eventually managed to become beloved classics within the country. It all thanks to Space Rangers 2: Dominators being easy to learn and incredibly detailed. It has attracted quite fans since its initial release. It is just sad to know that some of the other good Russian video games were not as lucky.

So, that is a brief insight to Space Rangers 2: Dominators, more than just RPG. So, give a try and enjoy the amount of freedom for you to explore, trade, fight, complete quests, and more. You may also check Russian games for children.

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