Space Rangers 2: Dominators, More than Just RPG

Generally speaking, RPG or roleplaying games are achieving some popularity for these past few years. It is not without reason. Many people are drawn to roleplaying games because they get to not just read the story, but also experience it, usually from the perspective of main character, in a way that romanticizes the character’s trials […]

Pathologic 2 Game, a Thrilling Adventure of Plague

Every few years, there would always be someone who claims that adventure games are dead. However, adventure games never really died. In fact, they just changed over time. Adventure games can sell millions of copies no matter how classic their storylines are. What is so interesting about adventure games is that you are free to […]

Are You Good Enough With Fast Tactics And Strategies? Play Blitzkrieg!

Fast tactic and strategy games are the best ways to have fun and sharpen your ability to make decisions you love to flaunt. Whether or not you are planning the assault without loopholes or finding the most efficient supply chain or simply running to survive, it is important to be able to strategize. Whether you […]