Say No To Hungry With 3 Russian Food Delivery Services

3 Russian Food Delivery ServicesDelicious food is something that everyone must love. Every country must have a special food with their own uniqueness. In fact, often food becomes an icon of a city or country. And developments in the field of food from time to time continue to grow. One of them is food delivery service.

Fast food is indeed the best choice for many people. In addition to its delicious taste, fast food also helps us not to be busy making food. Fast food has been circulating widely everywhere. In addition, they also provide food delivery services, so customers do not have to bother leaving home. Likewise in Russia. Fast food is widespread in various cities. Russian food is one of the biggest countries in the world. So that many tourists still miss this country because the food is very distinctive and delicious.

If you have ever come to Russia, you certainly try some of the foods that are there. Of course you feel a different sensation. Enjoying delicious Russian food while enjoying beautiful city views is an unforgettable experience. Then, have you ever tried ordering fast food to deliver to your home?

If you feel hungry but tired or lazy waiting for the queue, you don’t need to worry. Because in Russia there are also many restaurants that provide delivery services. If you don’t know it yet, our article will really help you find a restaurant that provides food delivery services. This is the time to say no to hungry with Russian food delivery services.

1. Esh Hleb

The first restaurant to provide a delivery service is Esh Hleb. This restaurant is quite popular in Moscow. Many tourists claim to be satisfied with the delivery service at this restaurant. In addition, this restaurant has a large enough place and bright lights. Esh Hleb will give you a great sensation of comfort. Another advantage of this restaurant is that the price is quite cheap, only around 260 rubles to 1,170 rubles.

The food they provide is very diverse. Ranging from typical Russian food to European food at Esh Hleb. They serve food and drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you want to have breakfast with Russian cuisine, their mainstay breakfast menu is Borodinsky bread, croissants, and hala. Three types of Russian cuisines are bread. Because the Russian people really like bread as their breakfast menu. If you want to have breakfast with European food, you can try Birmingham Egg, Cheesecakes, and Waffle with Salted Caramel and Banana is the best food.

And for lunch and dinner menus, there are lots of delicious choices. You can try Russian cuisine for your lunch at Esh Hleb, and the best is okroshka. Okroshka is a Russian soup with a mixture of vegetables and beef. Of course this will be the perfect dinner menu. If you are looking for European food, you can try a cheeseburger with french fries and fried noodles. And they also provide pasta with meat. For drinks, they provide various types of coffee, tea and vodka. You can adjust it according to your taste.

The many menus they provide make the visitors satisfied. And if you want to visit Esh Hleb, you can come to Bersenevskiy Ln.5 / 1, Moscow 119072. They are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. And if you want to try their delivery service, you can open the Esh Hleb website and call the number they listed. You must be satisfied.

2. Dobrynya Restaurant

If you want to feel the sensation of eating in a fancy restaurant, Dobry Restaurant is a place you must visit. If you don’t have time to come to this fancy restaurant, they also provide a delivery service. The food they serve is also very tasty and classy. The Dobry restaurant is located at Zvenigorodskoye Hwy.4, Moscow 123022 or about 0.8 miles from Moscow Zoo.

They provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert menus. And the advantage of this restaurant is that they are open 24 hours. So you can order food whenever you are hungry. Even though it is late at night, they will still deliver your food. The food on their menu is dominated by meat. Like Borchsky, mutton skewers, smoked venison, and aspic. Food with meat is very suitable for you to use as a lunch or dinner menu. The taste of the food they serve you don’t need to doubt.

Not only meat, they also provide soup. And their mainstay soup is the most popular Russian soup, which is okroshka. And what makes their okroshka very distinctive is that they mix it with kvass. You can make Okroshka with kvass as your breakfast menu, because they don’t add meat in it. Only okroshka with fresh vegetables. In addition, you can also try pineapple with cranberry.

3. Cafe Pushkin

Cafe Pushkin is one of the cafes that you must visit when visiting Russia. If you are quite busy and too tired to come to this cafe, you can order the food you want. Because Cafe Pushkin provides a delivery service. Cafe Pushkin is open from 12 p.m to 11.59 p.m. Cafe Pushkin is located on Tverskoi Blvd 26A, Moscow 125009. Cafe Pushkin is one of the most luxurious cafes in Moscow. If you want to try their food, you have to spend enough money. However, the food at Cafe Pushkin will not disappoint you.

They serve Russian cuisine and European dishes. The Russian cuisine that is their mainstay is Kulebyaka Petrovskaya. This dish is the best dish at Cafe Pushkin. Kulebyaka is a type of Russian pyrog which is usually filled with meat, salmon, sturgeon, rice, buckwheat, mushrooms and eggs. Of course, I will satisfy your tongue. Besides that, it is also a food that is quite filling, and it is very suitable for you to make it as a lunch or dinner menu.

Aside from kulebyaka, the food you have to try is also veal rissole pozharskyi with roasted potato and mushrooms sauce. Pozharsky is chicken or minced veal wrapped in flour. They combine it with roasted potato and mushrooms sauce. Of course this is an extraordinary combination. The taste of pozharsky is very tasty and crispy. Their other mainstay menu is blini with salted salmon. You certainly know this, because Russian cuisine is very popular. Many customers are satisfied with the service and food at Cafe Pushkin. Are you interested?

Hunting food when visiting a country is a must. By trying food in the country you are visiting, you will have memories that you will continue to feel and miss. And Russia has lots of delicious food that you can try. And you don’t need to worry if you feel tired and lazy to go to a restaurant. Because the 3 restaurants above provide the best delivery service and are highly recommended for you. In addition, the food they serve will not make you disappointed. It’s time to say no to hungry with 3 Russian food delivery services.

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